I Am Invincible

5 06 2013

Until the Lord calls me home, I am invincible. No one, and nothing can take me out before it’s time for me to leave this rock!

More often than not, the person to whom I make the above statement comes back with something like, “Oh, yeah? Well, don’t step in front of a train to see if it’s true.”

Duh! Do I look that stupid? Why do people always want to “rain on our parade?” Who knows?

Think this through with me, though, there is much freedom to be obtained through this truth.

We know that every day of our life has been written down – recorded before there was even one of them (Psalm 139). God knows exactly when we are going to die, and how. We won’t suddenly appear in heaven, only to have the Lord exclaim, “What are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting you for many years!”

There is a day appointed to us for our death; and nothing can hasten that day – not cancer, not an accident, not murder…NOTHING!

This means that until that time arrives, I am invincible.

So are you!

Understanding this gives me courage to go places and do things I might otherwise avoid for fear of putting myself in danger.

For instance, I’ve gone on mission trips to foreign countries where “bad things” could happen – even death. The enemy runs rampant in many third-world countries. Weird things happen and it can get really freaky.

Jesus gave us power over all the power of the enemy, though. (Luke 10:19) He also gave us armor (Ephesians 6). If we get our butts kicked by the enemy, it’s our own fault!

Knowing that I’m indestructible gives me the guts to go into homeless camps and walk city streets at night, reaching out to people.

After all, if it’s my night to die I’m going to be killed in a car accident, taken out by some disease, stabbed to death by some maniac…or drop dead of a heart attack in the security of my home.

Whatever the means, I’m dead! It was my time.

Until then – yep! Invincible.

If we are forewarned of imminent death, we can plead with God for more time (I’m sure He doesn’t get this!). He may be gracious and grant our request. There is a case of this very thing recorded for us in 2 Kings. Let’s see what happens when we live beyond the time God has allotted us:

We discover, in 2 Kings 18, that Hezekiah began to reign in Judah when he was 25 years old. He was a great king, and did what was right in the sight of the Lord like David (a very high complement). He tore down all their high places, and destroyed their idols…including the bronze serpent of Moses’ day. We’re told that the Lord was with him; and he prospered wherever he went.

Hezz was a good and godly man; a man of great faith. (2 Kings 19:20).

When he was about 39 years old, though, he became very ill. Isaiah told him to set his house in order, for he would die from his illness. (2 Kings 20)

Hezekiah begged the Lord to let him live, using all the things we say: “Look how I’ve served You. Do You remember how faithful I’ve been to You?” In other words, he told the Lord, “How could You take my life? You owe me.”

God relented, and granted Hezekiah another 15 years. He knew it would come to pass, for God made the day longer to prove His word to ol’ Hezz.

Then we find out what happens when God does things our way:

Having gotten his way with God, no doubt Hezz was feeling his oats, as the saying goes, so when the “good ol’ boys” of Babylon showed up, he gave them a grand tour of all his treasures. You can bet they took copious notes!

They went home and reported all they’d seen, greed set in, and the plan to overthrow Israel was born. Isaiah came to tell Hezekiah that captivity for Israel

In addition, he sired Manasseh during these 15 years (Manny was only 12 when he became king – next chapter).

Manasseh was one of the most evil, vile king to ever reign in Judah, leading the nation back into idolatry – even set up idols in the Temple of the Lord, and shed much innocent blood.

(In 2 Chronicles 33, I’m happy to report that Manasseh came to his senses after being led into captivity with a hook in his nose – OUCH! – repented, and set things right in Jerusalem before his death).

My point is this, though: If this is what lays beyond the appointed time God has for me, no thank you. I don’t want to outlive my usefulness her on planet earth. If I’m only going to do evil if my life is extended beyond God’s plan for me, then I’d rather he take me out!

I believe this story was placed here to show us that God knows when it’s time for us to go Home.

Until then, however, no matter what comes our way, there is a plan and a purpose for our existence. No one can cut our lives short; no illness either.

We are invincible!



19 responses

11 06 2013
Robin Claire

Great post!!
I had a great fear of death for most of my life. This made me feel better about it. God has my entire life [and death] in His more-than-capable hands.
The thing is that I was afraid of dying totally alone. But one day He gave me a vision that helped me greatly. It was a picture of all the people who had jumped off the cliff before me before me. There was billions and billions of them. And they were waiting on the other side – to greet me! I will never have to go through the porthole by myself.

11 06 2013

That’s awesome! I’m so glad for you. 🙂

Be blessed. You’ll be hearing from me tomorrow (that’s not the blessed part I meant!).


7 06 2013
Pastor Roland Ledoux

Sister Tami; God bless you greatly!! I love what I have read so far and I am AGAIN in AWE of how the Holy Spirit leads us to the people that he wants “our spirit to bear witness with!” You came by my site (thank you and bless you for your comments) but I do not believe in coincidence or luck or happen-stance and what ever else people may call it. I believe in the leading of the Holy Spirit implicitly and I have lived my life since the age of 17 (with a few obstacles) and I am now going on 61 years young!
Sis (in Christ, no disrespect intended) I have often wondered, just like the prophet Elijah if I was the only one or one of the few whom the Lord was revealing through His Word different insights that contradicted traditional teaching (not all but some teaching).
Then in the Lord’s infinite wisdom, He leads me to this blogging medium and even though I have been involved in online ministry for years and years, it was through my website and even through community forums for a while. This medium however takes community WAY beyond what forums were able to do and the unity that the Holy Spirit is causing within His Body is becoming world-wide due to this medium!
It no longer surprises me, but it does continue to create AWE in me when He leads me to bloggers such as yourself and others I have come in contact with who have been listening sensitively to the Holy Spirit but also fearlessly writing the truth as the Holy Scriptures truly state it AND not out of context only taking the parts that fit a person’s perspective!! I have waited this time in our history since the 70’s and I am daily praising Him for what He is accomplishing in TRUE disciples hearts!! God bless as you continuing with the truth of the Word and I look forward to reading past and future posts!!! God bless you and thank YOU Christ Jesus for Your graciousness!!

7 06 2013

Okay, maybe not entirely! Thank you for your encouragement – sometimes I wonder if I’m going way beyond what Scripture says…but on the other hand life experience says, “no.” Our Lord is using your words to verify that He has indeed given me 1 Peter 4:10,11 as my mandate for this season in my life. I am humbled and honored beyond imagining…and that is not false humility, believe me.

I look forward to reading more from you as well.

May the Lord give you a wonder-full weekend!

Talk to you soon.
Your sis (in Christ – no disrespect taken ;))

6 06 2013
Elizabeth Yalian

I really needed to read this one! Thanks for posting it!

7 06 2013

So happy to be His messenger. May this day be full of light, laughter, and love.


7 06 2013
Elizabeth Yalian


5 06 2013
Toni Sprandel

I am invincible! Love this!! I love your writings! I get so drawn in, I can’t wait to read the next word! Your sense of humor picks me up! Have a great day!

5 06 2013

Thanks, Toni! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your encouraging words.

I pray that all is well with your soul today.


5 06 2013
Toni Sprandel

Struggling with self today. It was a tough day. I finally got a few minutes to myself to read some blogs and do my own. Days I don’t get any time to get on here and get my sustenance are really hard days.

5 06 2013

Can you sing/hum/whistle praises while you work? That always keeps my heart reminded that (even when it feels like it) we are never truly alone.

It’s been a rough few weeks for me as well – I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t even know which end is up right now. In the midst of the craziness, I suddenly realize that Jesus is right here with me – and in control of it all. In that instant, peace washes over me once again.

So sorry things are difficult for you right now (or shall we say, “stinking hard?”) Keep your chin up, your eyes on the Lord.

Dearest Abba, I lift up my darling sister to You today. The road looks endless, the burdens too heavy to bear. Will You teach her how to cast that burden on You and in Your light yoke walk beside You? Thank You that life will not be like this forever. Hmm. I wonder what You’re preparing her for? 😉
In Jesus’ name,

5 06 2013
Toni Sprandel

Thank you! It’s hard because my husband doesn’t realize that he is continually having me do things, one right after the other. I don’t mind, but I am 61 and have trouble with my feet, I get tired. If I try to say something, he gets very defensive. So I go as long as I can and then I just have to quit. I must cast my cares on Him for I know He cares for me. Thank you Tami for being there for me! Love you!

5 06 2013


5 06 2013

Immortal, too, even through the doorway of death into eternity.

As far as the questions of “God’s will” and “free will,” *sigh* how can we mere creatures of a few heartbeats understand One who measures “time” in eons? I have some thoughts on this. Guess I’m going to have to write a [long] post. Until then, just remember that God is well able to work within the context of His own creation to accomplish what He wants to.

Grateful for grace,


5 06 2013

I’m so glad to know that you are going to address this topic. I was going to e-mail you and ask for your thoughts. I can’t even begin to truly grasp how God’s will and free will co-exist. Let me know when you post it (although I’ll get e-mail notification as well) – I don’t want to miss it.

Love in Christ,

5 06 2013

Hi, Steven. 🙂

You’ve asked some excellent questions! Believe me, I don’t have all the answers. I’ve been working through these thoughts for *years,* and still don’t have it settled in my mind. So much that is evil has happened to me since early childhood. Believe me, I’d like some answers myself!

As for God’s “will” meaning that you can’t be a Christian – well, that depends on what is meant by being a Christian.

Did you know that Jesus never asked anyone to become a Christian? He invited them to become His disciples. The difference is big – one invites us to become religious (and He didn’t care much for the religious folks of His time on earth!), the other to become a student. Students are active learners. They have lots of questions, seek to learn what is true, and in the process become like their teacher. I’m a disciple – not a “Christian.”

By the way, not one of the disciples was a Christian when Jesus invited them to follow Him.

Jesus defined eternal life as “[experientially] knowing God, and Jesus Christ.” (That comes from the Bible – John 17:3) His will – His deep desire is a personal relationship with every person on the planet. (As opposed to “I get to go to heaven when I die” which is what many think of as eternal life. That’s part of it, but only part.)

For reasons God alone knows, He has given us His stated will in the Bible (relationship with us), but then allowed us to exercise our own will. This is why there is so much evil today; we’re free to choose our actions – either good or evil. Obviously, many choose actions that hurt and even kill.

As the recipient of much that was wicked and vile, I can state from experience that God has been able to use that which He did not plan or choose to happen to me, and brought good from it. As a result of the things I’ve been through, I can reach out to those who are in abusive relationships, or stuck in addiction, or a host of other ills, and show them the way out. I have little “textbook” knowledge – but lots of “been there, done that” to offer. I’d rather not have had the experiences, but at the same time am thankful for them because I can relate to many people in many situations as a result. Weird, I know!

I don’t desire to give a “pat” answer to you. If it sounds like I am, then please accept my apology. How I wish we could sit down over a cup of coffee to discuss this! There’s a lot of food for discussion here – and I still have many questions myself. Communicating well through writing – without inflection and body language – is very confining.

As for the “enemy” being under God’s control. Yes, you are absolutely right. He is not allowed to do anything beyond what God permits. He’s not God’s “hitman” – sent to destroy people, but it’s obvious from the Bible that God does allow him to do so. Sometimes the reason is plain, at others, not so much (if at all).

Wow! There’s so much more I could say…I LOVE these kinds of questions. They cause me to sort out what I believe, and help me to become more settled in my faith. You ask the sorts of questions as me. I like that!

I’d love to chat more with you on this subject – either here, or you can e-mail me: batransformed1@yahoo.com.

I’m sure that I didn’t answer anything for you. Wish I could. Some of these ponderances, I’ve come to realize, are ones I will just have to live with and trust that God is – ultimately – in control.

Have a blessed day!
Love in Christ,
Praise Jesus

5 06 2013
Steven Colborne

Hi there,

Thanks for this interesting blog! You seem to imply that God is responsible for your life and death (which surely He is), but in this context, how do you explain free will? I mean, is God in control of your life or not?

Personally I believe there is one will in the universe, which is God’s will, but that means (I think?) that I can’t be a Christian. I would argue that all that you describe as ‘the enemy’ is in reality under God’s control.

Anyway, all the best!


5 06 2013
Larry Who

Do we believers really have “free” will? Maybe a little bit, but all in all, He owns us. I like to think of us as being puppies on a leash to our Master. Maybe some of us are on longer leashes, but still, we are on a leash which is controlled by Him. At any moment, He can reel us in and say, “Heel.”

5 06 2013

Larry, this hasn’t been my experience. As His child I have been free to choose to do anything I want (and have) – including gossip, adultery, alcoholism, hatred and a host of other things – without being yanked back into obeisance.

The consequences of my choices hurt, though, and I began to realize that doing things my way doesn’t work out very well for me. As a result, I started to see the wisdom of doing things God’s way, and aligned my choices with what He’s given (in the way of commands) for life and liberty.

He permits me to do whatever I want. When I’ve made a royal mess of things, He waits for me to come to Him and seek His help. Sometimes he removes the consequences. Other times, there is no way for Him to do so (divorce and remarriage with children involved is my best example of this.).

I’ve discovered that when God says, “Don’t,” what He’s really saying is, “Don’t hurt yourself.” In one way or another, I’ve broken every command and learned that the consequences of my actions hurts me as well as others.

I don’t recall ever being reeled in and made to “heel.”

But I could be wrong…it wouldn’t be the first time!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, dear brother. 🙂

Love in Christ,

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