Grief, the Uninvited Guest

27 06 2015

Grief visits everyone at some point – and for various reasons. It’s helpful to know what to do with this unrefined guest. Enjoy! \o/


I have a guest these days. Grief is his name. I did not invite him, but he came and at the worst of times, too.

Grief is a strange beast.  Sometimes I don’t mind him very much and we sit with each other awhile. Other times, I mind him very much, especially when he surprises me in public. I’d prefer he just stay at my home. DSC_0150

I always hope he’ll follow the rules I lined out, but he doesn’t which annoys me. He rarely takes up the guest room but stays in odd places like the shelves of a cabinet, between the pages of a beloved book, or in the smells of familiar food. He’s often in my way when I’m trying to get things done.

He has some shockingly bad habits. He’s a nocturnal sort and has the gall to shake me awake in the night and, then, not let me go back to sleep! He stares…

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One response

15 07 2015

Grief stalks us anywhere we venture to go. We’ve to tackle this uninvited guest. Just shut the doors on this beast. We’ve not to pamper it the least. No importance given to it at all. It’ll get fed up of our attitude towards it and will finally get out of our lives!

Your turn!

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