Voices in My Head

23 04 2015

“Who said that?”

How can we tell when we are hearing from God, and when the source of what we heard is from elsewhere?

Although He speaks to me, to explain how I knew that it was my Father was not as simple as I thought. I tried several times, but my explanation fell woefully short. In the end, I was less convinced than was my audience!

At long last, I get it!

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17

If we’re not careful, we can read this: “and hearing by Scripture alone.” God is without limits – and this includes the ways in which He chooses to speak.

(This first bit is nothing new. The second part, though, is what is new and helpful to me.)

Now, the most common way (to me, anyhow), is through His Word. A verse jumps off the page at me. I may not fully understand what is being communicated at that moment, but I know it has significance. It resonates within my heart.

This was my experience in 2014. Isaiah 43:19 (Behold I am doing a new thing…) came across my radar dozens of times, beginning in January.

What He meant, and what I thought He meant were two very different things…but that’s another story!

The “Verse of the Day” from the You Version Bible on January 1 of this year was – you guessed it! Isaiah 43:19. I get a do-over! Woohoo!

The point is this: He let me know through Scripture that He was on the move in my life. By highlighting that verse over and over, He was being very emphatic. No “Truly, truly I say to you…” for me. Based on the number of times I came across this verse, I think He might have been talking “good and loud” – maybe even shouting – so I would hear Him!

Another way God speaks is through others. This is one of my least favorites, for it takes great discernment. Is what they said in line with what God reveals about Himself in Scripture, and with who He says I am? Is it consistent with the Word?

These should be written down and prayed over, not accepted at face value – no matter how godly the person who gave the “word” seems to be. I’ve gotten myself into messes countless times because I trusted the person, thus their counsel – but did not bother to seek God concerning what was said.

Leaving God out of the loop is never a good idea!

Another common way He communicates to me is through nature. I have a windowsill full of heart-shaped rocks. Hummingbirds come close enough that I could reach out and touch them. These are like little kisses on my cheek and remind me that I am dearly loved.

There are many other ways in which He communicates, as well. You probably know them better than I.

The question becomes,

“How do we know for sure that God is the source?”

In the past, I’ve been unable to state this part – even when I’ve been absolutely positive that it was my Father who spoke.

I finally got a handle on this in a way that I can share.

First, when I think I’ve heard from the Lord I must consider:

Does this increase my faith? After all, faith comes by hearing. If I am less confident in the Lord, then He is not speaking.

Next, does it stir up the Fruit of the Spirit? Do I have more of any of them?

  • More love?
  • More joy?
  • More peace?
  • More patience? (This one is a big tip-off for me!)
  • More kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness?
  • More self-control? (Another cue that helps me)

For instance, God once spoke to me through a movie I was watching. He pointed out the main character and stated that this is what He was going to do in a rather unsavory person whom I knew.

His word to me immediately increased my faith. It changed how I treated this person, and gave me a great deal of patience with them. When their behavior was crazy, I now had the ability to bite my tongue and keep loving them.

That was several years ago, and we are seeing the fruit of God’s work in this person. On my own, I’d never have believed it to be possible. His word gave me faith to believe.

Finally, does the “word” release me? Does it bring freedom?

This isn’t the sort of “release” that says, “Go ahead and leave your marriage, quit your job, or (basically) run away.” It doesn’t instantly end a trial or make life all better.

It is the sort of release that frees me to persevere without the baggage of fear, anxiety, worry. I am released from the belief that it’s all up to me.

When I’ve heard from the Lord, I feel settled in my heart. The chains that previous bound me concerning the matter fall away.

If I think I’ve heard from Abba, but do not have an increase in faith, the fruit of the Spirit, or a sense of freedom, then I know it was not His voice!

That’s my 833 words on the subject!

Do you have other methods by which you determine “Who said that?” Do tell. ❤




13 responses

1 06 2015

Sometimes I have heard God speak in my thoughts but it seemed so unlikely that I didn’t think it was Him, and then it was confirmed as true by later events.

1 06 2015

Most of the time, for me, it’s more of an impression. As I speak out what I sense He is saying, it becomes an “aha!” moment. Had that happen just today, in fact. The object of the cross was to reinstate our relationship with the Lord…the tearing of the veil and such. I have a sneaking suspicion that He speaks far more often than we are able to recognize. Sometimes it’s through our surroundings – like my rocks…little kisses on the cheek from Abba! ☺️ he loves us so very much!

30 04 2015

He speaks to me but so often, I discovered, I am ‘to busy’ to listen. I am trying to slow down and allow more time to hear His voice. More prayer, more scripture, more a quiet and always with a thankful heart.

1 06 2015

Then there are the times when we don’t want to hear…afraid of what He might say. 😉 That was my issue last year. When I finally listened, He had loving things to say – nothing harsh. I love His patience with us, don’t you?

27 04 2015
Mary Scro

Enjoyed your blog, just found it today. I’ve learned, as you said, God speaks in a variety of ways. The main point is that He’s always talking to us, and longs for us to hear Him. I could go on for many more than 833 words on how He speaks to me – I’ll share one way: random thoughts. As I prepared to leave the house one day, a random thought, “Take a pencil with you” came to me. I don’t even use pencils! So I reasoned with the thought then dismissed it. When I arrived at my destination, you guessed it, I needed a pencil. I had to borrow one! He SO wants to help us all the time, with little things and big things.

Thanks for sharing!!

1 06 2015

Even when correcting me, it is always lovingly. I so appreciate that about Him. 🙂

24 04 2015
Mel Wild

Awesome, Tami. I think you hit the main ways God speaks to me. What throws people off is that God usually is using the same voice in their head as their our own thoughts (the enemy speaks here too). This is why we are to take thoughts captive that are contrary to what God says about us (2 Cor.10:3-5). But the more your spiritual senses are exercised (Heb.5:14), and if you stay humble and teachable, you can be pretty confident when God is speaking to you. Blessings.

1 06 2015

Hi, Mel! It’s the “same voice” thing that can be tricky – especially if your mind is still in need of renewal (like mine was – especially last year). I was thankful for the “what kind of fruit does it bear” aspect. That helped me better explain to some of my friends how I knew it was God.

You add a couple of great points – humility and teach-ability. Without those, we don’t stand a chance of recognizing Him, do we?

23 04 2015
Pure Glory

God is always speaking but we are not always listening. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He spoke to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Samuel and to many in the Bible. If he spoke to them clearly, why wouldn’t he speak the same way to you? He speaks in one way and another, in dreams and thoughts, through the movies, the Bible etc. Samuel a young boy, slept by the Ark of the Covenant. He heard a voice that sounded like Eli the high priest and went to Eli several times. Finally, Eli told him to say, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening” Samuel did this and received a download. We are the children of God and he as our Daddy wants to speak with us and spend time with us. I am convinced he speaks our language. Ask him what is on his heart and listen. Take a pen and paper and write the thoughts that flash through your mind. Write a reply and have a conversation. When finished, read what is written and ask Holy Spirit to confirm what is written. See if you have a peace about it and if it agrees with Scripture. When we seek God with all our heart, we will find him. The more you listen, the more you will know his voice.Many times we have satan speaking to us and he condemns. God speaks and convicts. At times our flesh will speak and this voice is so much different than the voice of the One who Loves Us. Hope this helps.

1 06 2015

The day I discovered that He actually speaks to me, I was so excited. I told everyone I knew and encouraged them to listen for themselves. I especially love when I ask Him to give me His perspective about others – and about myself. This always leaves me amazed at how much He loves us.

Thanks for your very helpful input. Sometimes I count on those who comment to lengthen the article. If I make it too long, it doesn’t get read. Your comments always add deeper meaning. Love it!


1 06 2015
Pure Glory

It is exciting to hear from God for ourselves!
You are welcome! 🙂

23 04 2015

An old friend once told me that if I had itchy ears that it would not be God who was speaking to me. Lately it’s been the blatant and honest truth which He has been speaking. How do I know? Because His truth is often not so easy to swallow. But it is truth!

1 06 2015

Mmm. Know what you mean. I’ve had a few conversations like that with Him. Not very often, though, for which I am grateful!

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