Stealing God’s Job

3 01 2015

I couldn’t have written this any better…so I reblogged it! \o/

joy of nine9

If you asked a typical Catholic, “Are you stealing God’s job?”, they would laugh out loud at such a ridiculous question and emphatically deny it.  I know I did.  Granted, the wording of this question is designed to shock. Yet the question is also meant to provoke self- examination.  After someone asked me this question, I examined my life and was surprised at what I discovered. I realized like almost everyone else, I was trying to fulfill the role of God in my day-to-day life.


It is an easy trap for most modern people since we are pressured by obligations. In an attempt to cope, we resort to rushing around independently without God. We seize control as we  try to be ever more efficient with little time to relax, pray or socialize. The result is we end up living in isolated, man-made prisons that shut out other humans, never mind…

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3 responses

3 01 2015
melanie jean juneau

best compliment ever!

3 01 2015

🙂 I miss you!

3 01 2015
melanie jean juneau

ditto….it is too easy to get caught up in stuff and miss heart to heart friends..

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