I Do Hard Things – Bible Study

1 01 2015

Havilah Cunnington has an excellent Bible study on how to do hard things. Join me for the next 20 days as she gives food to grow by! You can find this free study on her website: http://havilahcunnington.com/. If you like the first one, click on the “Subscribe” button in the menu bar.

(I purchased the PDF of her workbook [$9] so I could actually do the Bible study…first one I’ve done in a year. Yay, God!)

Havilah has been a guest speaker at our church, and I appreciate her passion for the Lord – and to empower people to live fully alive. I think you’ll enjoy this study.





5 responses

3 01 2015
Mel Wild

Looks like a good study. Glad to hear you’re doing better. Here’s to upgrade in 2015! Blessings.

1 01 2015

May you have a super blessed New Year! How are you doing?

1 01 2015

Much better now. What a year! How about you?

1 01 2015

LIFE happened (and we get to GROW…. grin) Our business finally took off the last quarter – now sure what this year brings but trying to learn Quick Books… health? Have had a couple of healings and a couple of “dealings” that I am still dealing with! Hugs, Lady!

1 01 2015


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