Counterfeit Fruit of the Spirit

7 08 2014

Please don’t miss this excellent article on the Fruit of the Spirit. \o/

Derek E. Radney

God used Tim Keller’s bible study on  the book of Galatians to change my life by giving me a completely different understanding of Christianity.  Before I worked through the study, I thought the gospel, that Christ died for my sin in my place according the Scriptures and rose from the dead on the third day, was for people who did not know God.  I thought that once I became a Christian, the gospel ceased to be relevant to my life and what mattered was understanding how I was supposed to behave and then obeying.

Whenever I read Galatians 5:19-24, I was either crushed by my failure to exhibit the fruits of the Spirit or incredibly prideful at what I thought to be successful compliance.  In reality, I produced counterfeit fruit, and Keller helped me see that the reason was that I was still living as if I was accepted before…

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8 08 2014
Pastor Roland Ledoux

This was actually a great lesson. The Fruit of the Spirit and what it (taken as a whole) stands for is very rarely taught. Yet it is something that truly identifies us as true “followers” of Christ Jesus. Without those fruit evidence in our lives, to one degree or another (as Derek said we are all in an ongoing PROCESS) we are not what we say we are. That old saying, not in scripture in wording but definitely in principle that says, “actions speak louder than words” is oh so true!
This is a reason I love the concept of the “blogosphere” is that we can share thoughts as a community and find teachings from others that we might not otherwise even come across! Thanks so much Sister Tami for sharing this lesson. I know Derek hasn’t done much lately, but I found another resource for inspiration and instruction!
God bless, Sis and hope AND pray all is well with you and yours!

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