Truth = Free…If…

5 08 2014

I’ve been getting a massive dose of “reality check” lately…and discovered that while Denial may be a place to vacation for a day or two, it’s not somewhere to take up residency.

And I did this.

For far too long.

Lately, the Lord has been peeling my hands off my eyes and revealing things that I need to see.

Sad, painful, ugly truth.

However, seeing truth is not enough.

It’s what I choose to do with this truth that will set me free –

– or leave me in bondage.

Often, the mere task of deciding what to make for dinner has been so overwhelming that I have a meltdown. Simple meal preparation feels like more than I can handle.

That’s pathetic.

These are days of sorting out unhealthy behavior, taking in the whole counsel of God, being brave, and standing firm. 

There comes a time when we must say, “Enough!”

I feel like a field that’s being thoroughly plowed at the moment. Things previously unseen are being brought to light.

This is good news, for after the plowing comes the planting – then growth – then a harvest.

God is good at what He does, so I am in good hands.

When one has walked in denial, though (as I have all my life), learning to face the truth – and then bravely doing what needs to be done is hard. It is scary.

Thankfully, the Lord let me know that I can trade in my headless collar for an Anchor!

I’ve learned the lesson of an unmanageable life. A life beyond my control – circumstances beyond my control.

Having done so, I no longer need my rhinestone circlet to hang on my wall as a reminder.

Instead, I’m  in the market for an anchor… which is kinda’ funny, because I got rid of the Asian decorative stuff in my house and have been replacing it with ocean-ish stuff. (I love yard sales!)

In 2005, I realized that I had four main Scriptures to which I would cling in times of adversity:

Jeremiah 29:11 – His plans for me are for good, and not evil, this will end gloriously!

2 Cor. 4: 19 – in light of eternity, this is momentary…and will end gloriously!

Deut. 33:27 – God is my refuge, underneath me at all times are His arms, ready to catch me if I fall.

Romans 8:28 – This is all being worked together for my good – and will end gloriously!

Now I have new ones:

Isaiah 42:9:

“Behold, the former things have come to pass,
and new things I now declare;
before they spring forth
I tell you of them.”

Isaiah 35:3-6

Strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way; say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.” Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then will the lame leap like a deer, and the mute tongue shout for joy. Water will gush forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert.

Being transformed, I’ve discovered, means having what I believe and how I think adjusted to what is true…about the Lord, about me, and about life in general: a renewed mind.

Sometimes the paradigm shift this brings alters the course of life by a few degrees. At other times, it’s more like a 90-degree adjustment. These days it’s more like a 180! The greater the shift, the more stressful it can be due to opposition from others.

So I ask for your prayers: that I will continue to allow the Lord to transform me and not harden my heart; that I will stand firm and be brave; and that I will walk in a manner that is worthy of the Lord.

Thanks for “listening.”




10 responses

13 08 2014

Chained or Anchored? Are you chained to hopelessness or are you anchored in hope? Our hope is not wishful fantasy, based on something in us or even around us. Our hope is an anchor that has gone inside the veil in glory. Our Hope is Christ, who is the Anchor of our soul both sure and steadfast. ~Brian Simmons
“And now we have run into his heart to hide ourselves in his faithfulness. This is where we find his strength and comfort, for he empowers us to seize what has already been established ahead of time—an unshakeable hope! ¹⁹We have this certain hope like a strong, unbreakable anchor holding our souls to God himself. Our anchor of hope is fastened to the mercy seat which sits in the heavenly realm beyond the sacred threshold, ²⁰and where Jesus, our Forerunner, has gone in before us. He is now and forever our Royal Priest like Melchizedek.”
Hebrews 6:18-20 The Passion Translation

8 08 2014

No, melting down about menu is NOT pathetic – it is human this side of heaven. We are not like God, we are LIKED by God. I have found great solace in accepting the warm and loving comfort of Jesus while I am still in pain, grief, embarrassment. Jesus came to save the broken, not the perfect!

7 08 2014

Thanks for sharing! May He continue to bless you with His freeing love and truth.

7 08 2014

Thank you.


7 08 2014

Hey Tami, I will honour your prayer requests. Bernadette is right, a support group is very helpful in this situation, and not just in spiritual matters too. They may be able to help with those desperate days of uninspired dinners!

Colossians 3:15 May the peace that comes from Christ rule in your heart.

7 08 2014

Thanks, Stephen. I greatly appreciate prayers right now. Some days I feel borne on the wings of prayer support. I want my life back!!!


5 08 2014

I’ll AMEN your prayer request and give Praises for He is faithful to FINISH the work He’s begun in us…to His glory! I’m always a work in progress and I know that my Redeemer is alive and what the enemy means for destruction, He has turned into blessings! Till the day comes, His Mercy endures. Love you Sis!

5 08 2014

Thanks, Jole!

5 08 2014

Dearest Tami,

May the Lord keep you in His Light and Love while He is revealing what has been deeply hidden. The Holy Spirit always works from the inside out, healing us from deep within, gently peeling away the layers to reveal our newness in Him. Even though it does not feel like it right now…It is your time to shine:-)

You are not alone. Many of us understand where you ar right now, because even though we may have different life experiences, many of us have the same wounds.

You are in my heart and prayers…just stop to breathe in all that Love that surrounds you:-)


5 08 2014

Thanks, Bernadette. I appreciate your loving support. There isn’t a support group in our area for what I’m dealing with, so I’m hoping to start one. I have my church’s support…just need to find other women who would benefit as well.

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