My Mentor is Two

28 07 2014

Yesterday morning I was getting dressed for church when suddenly my body was thrown off balance by my granddaughter. She grabbed me around my middle in a tight hug and shouted, “Grandma!” with glee.

There’s nothing that warms my heart more than when one of my grandchildren dash across the room and wrap me in a bear hug. Because they are living with us at the moment, this is a daily occurrence.

The littlest one, whom we call “Gerbil” (because she sounds like one when she talks!), loves to come curl up on my lap, sticks to me like Velcro, and imitates me.

Then, as I am apt to do, I began to consider what it’s like for God, my Father, when I run to Him and embrace Him in this manner.

After all, where did I get that love for open and guileless affection, if not from Him?

This became a game-changer for me.

“Lord,” I said, “this morning I want to unabashedly run to You, hug You, and tell You how much I love You. I want to hold Your face in my hands, look You in the eye, and declare all that is in my heart.”

The cool thing is that we usually sing songs about how God makes us brave, or calls us to go deeper than our feet could ever wander. Instead, every song focused on our love for the Lord!

Gee – worship!

I think I may be onto something, for the enemy has redoubled his efforts and all hell is breaking loose around us again.

Excuse me, I think I’ll go tackle Abba again just ’cause I love Him, and forget about the other stuff for a while!

While she may be little and uneducated, my granddaughter sets a fine example of how to demonstrate love to another. I’m glad she’s here to mentor me!

(For those of you who are uncomfortable with using literary license to attribute human features to God, who is Spirit, I realize that He is not in a human form at all…but the Bible also talks about the eyes of the Lord, that His arm is not so short that He can’t save, says the clouds are the dust of His feet, etc. This is not me being irreverent…just enjoying the Almighty God who loves me and calls me His child!)

Have you ‘hugged’ the Father today?




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29 07 2014

Each summer we spend time with each of our Grandchildren. It is important (and a privilege) to share lives together. On the other hand, they wear us out and it is hard to remain full of joy (especially when they won’t eat good food, or wake up in the night from a dream, you know…). We want them to enjoy gardening, but only our oldest Grandson seems interested.
We are to become like little children and having them around we note things like you have. Their curiosity, their views of life still not polluted by cultural norms, and simplicity surely are traits God wants from us.
When we get attacked for loving God like children, the best we can do is express our sadness to the oppressor that they want to rule the sandbox and not play fair! It doesn’t make things better because they are already holier-than-us, but the truth can still be spoken. I serve God, not the theological vigilantes.

29 07 2014

I’m learning to care less about what others think – especially when it comes to my relationship with Abba. 🙂


29 07 2014

Whoever has seen the Son has seen the Father, and I do believe the
Son has arms to hug, to bless, to feed, to heal and to stretch out on the cross.

Bless you!

29 07 2014

I agree wholeheartedly. However, one woman with whom I shared my book, Lessons by Heart, tore it to shreds, and insisted that I change all references to my Father or Papa, or Abba to include “God.” Such familiarity was too irreverent for her to handle.

The references to sitting in Abba’s lap or hearing His heartbeat sent her over the edge!!

In fact, she was the first of many who objected. It’s for this reason that I added a disclaimer.

Maybe if the body acted more like a body, it wouldn’t be such a jump to connect the dots, eh? 😉


29 07 2014

Hah! Indeed, the body is trying to disassociate itself with the head. Won’t last very long…

29 07 2014



29 07 2014

Hallelujah! I love my little mentors too, and as I spend time with them, I find that like you, I have a better grasp on how to express my love to my Father. Jesus was not merely engaging in small talk when He told us that we must come to Him like children.

Thanks for this beautiful reminder for us to approach our Abba with childlike love.

In the deep deep love of Christ,

29 07 2014

This last year has been one of grasping the freedom in child likeness with Him. No guile, no adult trappings, just me. Mmm. Love it!

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