It Involves a Boat

25 07 2014

The year began with a glorious promise from the Lord:

Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them. – Isaiah 42:9

My heart leaped for joy. “This will be a year like no other,” He proclaimed. In joyful anticipation, I stepped into the new season.

I expected a walk in the park

…didn’t hear the water lapping on the shore

…nor the creaking of the boat.

I shoulda’ known a boat would be involved!

The promise was there…

“Let us go to the other side.”

New territory, how exciting! A voyage with Jesus; it doesn’t get any better than this!

When we disembarked, the sky was clear, the water calm. There was smooth sailing ahead…

…or so I thought.

Chatter among the passengers was light and cheerful. Excitement was easily seen in our shining faces and the sparkle in our eyes. No one noticed the gathering clouds.

Jesus lay down and took a nap.

The first flash of lightning silenced the voyagers, and they clapped their hands over their ears as thunder boomed. Joyful faces were replaced with looks of terror.

Not even the fishermen among them had ever witnessed a squall like this one. Waves ten feet high began to toss the little vessel around like a cork, and they were taking on water.

At times like these, two things are easy to forget:

Jesus said we’re going to the other side


He is in the boat with us.

…and what’s this? He’s asleep?

Great. We’re on our own!

I began to wonder why Jesus would be sleeping through such a storm.

As a man with a bustling ministry, He was spent and needed to be restored, no doubt.

Ah, but as God, He knew one thing…

…they would arrive at the other side.

It is for this reason that He sits enthroned today.

Whether He’s fully awake –

or seems to be asleep –

He’s got control of the thing!

There’s no pacing, no wringing of the hands while He worries our issues like a bone.

He’s got this!

So, while this year is unlike what I expected – the waves are high threaten to overtake me – I can remember His faithfulness to me in the past, and His promise to make all things new.

Wish I’d have anticipated the boat, instead of a walk down Easy Street. I’d have taken some matters in stride a bit better, I think.

Jesus said, “Let us go to the other side,” 


“to the middle of the lake and drown!”

Sometimes God’s promises involve a boat!




17 responses

30 07 2014

I think we are living the same life. My year started with “Consecrate yourself for tomorrow I will do amazing things.” I heard amazing things…and failed to understand consecrate…

1 08 2014

You may be right! I sure had no idea what the “new thing springing forth” would entail. I expected a walk in the park, and instead found myself trying to navigate the Devil’s Garden! 😉

May the Lord give you all the strength to endure to the end of the consecration period!


27 07 2014
Valerie Rutledge

It’s times when my struggles seem bigger than I can manage that I’m thankful for all that God has already brought me through. Those reflections on His faithfulness are what give me the strength to endure. Blessings to you in the boat.

28 07 2014

I agree. There’s a good reason God told us to remember – especially those times when He showed up big. Reflecting on past experiences with the Lord always redoubles my faith in Him.

Have the seas calmed down any for you? I’ve been away from here for so long that I’ve lost touch with everyone. ;(


28 07 2014
Valerie Rutledge

I’ve not been able to write as consistently myself. Life has definitely slowed down a bit and given me more time to focus on summer fun with the kids.
I’m attempting to reconnect with my first friends made through this blog. I’ve missed those connections and the strength I found in each of them. Glad to hear from you!!

27 07 2014
Wendy Macdonald

Tami, I love how you ended this with a reminder to focus on what He has said and not on what we fear.

Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

28 07 2014

I wish I could automatically jump to the part where I focus on what He has said, not ‘reality’ from my own perspective. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to do so! 😉


25 07 2014

Love this one! Yes, we must linger in the storm for a little while!

25 07 2014

LOVE! Great analogy and storyteller………..I hope it makes the journey a little more IN JOY ABLE!!

28 07 2014

Thanks, Joyanne! It certainly makes it more manageable!


25 07 2014
Pure Glory

So often we forget that adventure involves risk and going into the unknown. Pioneering is not fun but what wonders we behold while exploring! It’s faith building to venture out into the storm. Thank God for our Creator who is with us in the boat. 🙂

25 07 2014

Thank you for the reminder of God’s promise to take me to the other side. Amen! I remember playing in the ocean on our family vacations to the beach. Walking out into the ocean, the waves crashed against me making it difficult to venture out. It took a lot of energy to walk into the depths. Funny, how the same thing happens when I’m ready to swim back to shore. The ocean seems to say, “Oh, no you don’t,” and pushes me back in. This is the time to remember Jesus words, that He promises to see us to the other side. Thanks, Tami!! Blessings!! ❤

25 07 2014

That’s true! Getting out IS as challenging as getting in, isn’t it? Oh well. {sigh}


25 07 2014
Mel Wild

Yup, boats, storms, walking on water…all those terrifying things Jesus calls learning how to live by faith. 🙂 It’s interesting that Jesus rebuked the disciples for coming to Him for help! Aren’t we supposed to do this? He seemed to be implying that they were supposed to deal the storm like He did. But, yet, we live through these terrifying exercises, even failures, and actually learn how to trust Him for the first time. This is probably God’s interpretation of “easy street.” LOL! Learning to rest under His easy yoke when all hell breaks loose around you. I think you’re doing fine. Keep walking… Great post. Blessings.

25 07 2014

The verse I quoted at the beginning is my mainstay. I’m more peaceful than I thought I could be. The Lord is good !


25 07 2014

I think you have a book going with your posts – really enjoyed this one!

25 07 2014



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