The Shortest Distance

15 07 2014

When I was a pilot, I learned that in order to go north, sometimes you must point the nose of the aircraft northwest. If the wind is coming from the southwest and you aim for north on the compass, you’ll end up far east of your destination. This is known as “crabbing.”

Life is no different. We get a goal in mind. As a passenger, we think we should be headed north toward that goal. Looking out the window of our mind, we keep seeing the sun at 10:30 when it should be at 9:00. We begin to get a little nervous. Surely we will miss our mark at this rate!

This is when we begin to question the Lord, and even to suggest that we take over the joystick for a while.

What we fail to realize is that the winds of adversity are blowing strong, steering us off course. Because we can’t see or feel it, or even see its effects, a glance at the compass causes us to fear. The reading isn’t zero (straight toward our destination); but is three hundred degrees. This will never do!

However, like an aircraft, sometimes we must move toward our goal sideways, like a crab.

This has been my experience over the last few months. At long last, I knew what my purpose was in this world – write songs that would impact lives.

Then I glanced at the “compass” and saw that I was flying over the land of relationships and learning to love well. This is a worthy destination, but not the one I was positive belonged to me!

We’ve flown through some heavy storms. The thunder was loud, and the lightening threatened to fry us to a crisp. Our heading was completely contrary to where I thought I was supposed to go.

One thing about Jesus, though. When He says, “Let’s go to the other side,” He doesn’t mean, “Let’s fly into this storm and end up as a plane crash.”

Little by little, He is disclosing the need for some of the detours. He’s shown the mountain peak that was barely missed, hidden in the clouds, and the radio tower that would have split us asunder.

The storm is beginning to abate, but there is damage control to be done. There were times when I refused to let the Lord lead my life, but also refused to take the wheel myself. Life was tossed here and there like a piece of paper in the wind. This is never a good plan, by the way.

The Lord is faithful, however. He is beginning the restoration process. I’m thankful that He never quits on anything He begins (Philippians 1:6). There is the promise of the return of the years the locusts have eaten as well (Joel 2:5).

So, when our lives appear to have veered off course, we must keep our eyes on the Pilot, and not the compass. He knows the path we should take, and what we will need in the way of preparation to reach our destiny. The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but unseen obstacles along the way may keep us from arriving!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, don’t lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths…even when it looks like you’re taking the long way ’round!




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15 07 2014

Who says God wants to take anyone on the shortest route between two points? In the Exodus God took them the longer way geographically because of the potential opponents to ensure they got to the Promised Land. Even then the people had troubles and complained. Imagine if they had taken the “shortest” route!
That aside, the way you put this brings some affirmation to my own “Exodus”. With God even a detour is the right road.

16 07 2014

I agree. God’s ways aren’t ours for sure. I guess shorthand for this post would read, “When it comes to life’s circumstances, throw out everything you learned in math class!” Perspective matters, doesn’t it? 🙂


15 07 2014
Joyanne Ferrara

Loved this post Tami! So encouraging offering HOPE if keep our gaze in faith, not on our circumstances, the the True Lover of our Soul!

“Wherever the Spirit would go, they would go, without turning as they went.”
Ezekiel 1:12b

The Winds of Change

It’s time for turning, to all He’s confirming,
His reason, His purpose, you’re entering a new season;
just like with Mary Poppins, the weathervane has changed,
it’s signaling with suggestion, pointing in a new direction;
for transition you’re beckoned, being summoned with care,
the winds of change are approaching, no doubt there in the air.

The eyes of your Spirit can sense when winds blow,
mild breezes begin stirring, inspiring new ways to go;
blowing softly on heart, and quietly in mind,
it’s time for reflection, and cautious inspection;
as they motion and shift, catching your attention.

To ponder so carefully, their voice whispering gently,
in thoughts, feelings, depictions, maps charting predictions;
with prayer listen closely, do take heed as they speak,
to change on the horizon, new prospects, possibilities;
novel purposes, unique plans, bright beginnings, new stance,
as Mary Poppins was recruited, up planted, rerooted;
you too have new assignment, fresh ventures, realignment.

In faith do take action, to the message they convey,
your life to the vision, make adjustments, revisions;
to the winds changing memo, its message and mission,
you can trust Him, He’s faithful, you can trust in His wisdom;
so relax and let go, don’t be anxious or worry,
you’re safe in His hands, secure on this journey.

Shortly winds will calm down, the weathervane again still,
and you’ll rest for a season, until for a new divine reason;
He determines it’s time, to stir, swirl and twirl,
the winds and the weathervane, in new direction and change.

15 07 2014

Joyanne, this is beautiful. Thank you!

15 07 2014

“There were times when I refused to let the Lord lead my life, but also refused to take the wheel myself. Life was tossed here and there like a piece of paper in the wind. This is never a good plan, by the way.”

What an astounding observation. Just one in a bunch of them. Thank you Tami.

15 07 2014

Perhaps we can say then that the shortest distance between two points in the line that the Lord has drawn? Glad to hear that the clouds are lifting somewhat, visibility is becoming clearer and turbulence is decreasing.

15 07 2014

“The line the Lord has drawn:” I really like that!

I’m glad to have made it through this last storm, too. It’s still choppy, but manageable! 🙂


15 07 2014
Lidia Prawdomowni

Thank you for this beautiful reminder and advice that is meaningful to me.

15 07 2014

You’re most welcome. Thank you for taking time to read and comment. 🙂


15 07 2014

Wow, awesome message…just what I needed to hear.
Love and blessings, Bernadette

15 07 2014

Thanks. Life began to make sense when I looked at it in this way!


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