Not yet … not yet …

24 06 2014

Hmm. Perhaps this is why I’ve had no time to write these last few months…perspective adjustment time!

Just me being curious

My attendance at this church of blogs has been sporadic this past week. The loving congregation is mighty, and so very full of words and pictures and love.

Conversing with each “promptly” as I have liked for so long is becoming a job rather than an expression of love and affection:

If I do not reply to a comment quickly, if I do not read every post “quickly” – or maybe ever at all – if I do not write my own words and press publish … then I am letting myself down, letting you down, letting Him down. The “job mentality” is creeping into my heart. The good stuff remains, always will. Yet my eyes are seeing Him less. My head is seeing an increasing list to read and a gap in my own writing. My heart is looking in more – and looking out less.

About “what will…

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24 06 2014

You’re welcome. 🙂

There have been several times that I’ve had to get refocused on the “main thing” about posting. To be honest, when I had to take a break in March, my blog had become more like a job than a ministry. Hopefully, having a few months ‘off’ will help.


24 06 2014
Levi Thetford

Paul is a dear heart!

24 06 2014

I enjoy his posts, full of love for Jesus. 😉


24 06 2014

Thank you for sharing these words of an authentic soul~

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