A Word of Encouragement

23 06 2014

This season is coming to a close. I should be back to writing on a regular basis soon. In the meantime, I offer this encouragement to my fellow ministers from Pastor Roland Ledoux. May the Lord richly bless each one of you as you seek to serve Him through your blogs. Love, Tami \o/



I want to take a little time to get personal and share with you some things that I have learned through experience and time and especially the last couple of years working with so many wonderful people on the internet.

I have been told many times by some peers and family, many of them well-meaning, but just lacking understanding, that internet ministry is just a hobby. They tell me that at the most it can be a tool used to get people involved in your “real” church. Of course what they mean is what I like to call the “brick and mortar” church.

The thing that I have found to be true though and especially working so diligently with so many of who have ministry on the world-wide-web is that the “real” church is right here! I don’t mean in the traditional sense of course, but the real church has

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23 06 2014
Pastor Roland Ledoux

Sister Tami; I look forward to your writing more plus I am making time to read through not just yours but many other blogs, I am inspired to follow. I may not always post a comment on everyone, but I will definitely let you know the ones I like (which will probably be most if not ALL! 😉
God bless you sis, I know how important it is at times to draw back and meditate on things and when we don’t do it willingly, our Loving Heavenly Father knows how to allow situations into our lives so that we HAVE to! Like Samuel said, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”

23 06 2014

🙂 we expected this season to look much different. It has been a time of walking by faith. God is faithful!


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