Who’s Idea Was This?

23 05 2014

When God asks us to obey, He doesn’t make us responsible for the outcome…merely for our obedience.

Sometimes, what follows when we obey looks like a train wreck. That’s when we begin to second-guess what we thought we heard.

Then we set about to fix our *mistake.*

However, from God’s perspective, everything is heading toward His desired end.

We have a situation that looks very much like this at the moment.

God asked us to make room in our home for two other families.

That’s all we were asked to do.

Love them.

Not fix them, not correct them, not have an opinion about their separate issues, take sides, or get involved.

House them.

Love them.

We obeyed.

All hell broke loose.

Oddly enough, not in our home.

Despite the various trials each of us is going through, there is a level of peace that can only be from the Lord. Each person has their own volatile test which affords enough stress to float an aircraft carrier. Thrown in with four other like people, the opportunities for conflict abound. Nevertheless, even after a couple of months we continue to enjoy the calming mantle of God’s Presence.

We fight for one another’s heart, instead of fighting one another.

Further, the Lord is providing extra funds to help cover expenses. We’ve had money drop out of nowhere unexpectedly several times.

At the same time, there have been repercussions in external relationships.

Apparently, association equals approval and support of a person’s behavior.

If that’s the case, then Jesus set a bad example for us to follow. 

Judas was embezzling. Yet, Jesus not only welcomed him into the group of disciples, but also made him their treasurer…and washed his feet along with all the “good” disciples.

In addition, Jesus obeyed God by choosing Judas after an all-night conference – and to His own hurt.

Judas betrayed him.

Sometimes obedience seems counter-productive. It may look all wrong for a while.

We will wonder if we heard correctly.

Obedience may cost us in ways we never imagined.

(We will also grow in ways we never thought possible!)

Thankfully, our part is to respond to God’s invitation to join Him in His work.

He takes full responsibility for the outcome!

I can’t wait to see what He’s going to do in and through our home.

All will end well – because it was His idea;

and He is good all the time!







11 responses

26 05 2014

Thanks sharing a very nice thought.

We have to have right attitude and do our Karma (action). Right action always results in right result. If initially results are not of our liking then we have to think that that was so destined by our Lord. And try again. This time everything will come out fine.


27 05 2014

You’re welcome. The Bible says that we reap what we sow…’what comes around goes around.’ I’ve seen the truth of this time and again. Too bad more don’t figure this out! 😉

Thanks for reading and taking time to comment. I appreciate it.


27 05 2014

Yes madam; it has action and reaction equal and opposite. ’what comes around goes around.’ is the wisest saying. Whatever we give comes back to us.
Hence I should say that we should always keep others’ sensibilities while dealing with others.

Thanks and regards

26 05 2014

You’re right. We are only responsible for obeying. Let Him take care of the outcome. It is when we get this mixed up that we start feeling stressed and anxious.

Thanks for sharing.

27 05 2014

Thanks, Stephen. I’m having to remind myself of this daily. Because God didn’t bother to fill anyone else in ( 😉 ) our actions are being questioned, and some friendships have blown up as well. It’s not fun…but God is certainly here. His peace abounds. Honestly, it’s weird how everything is going!


25 05 2014

Thanks, this is very encouraging. I’m going through quite a tough period right now, and it’s because I’m obeying God! It doesn’t make sense, but at least He’s here in the painful times.

25 05 2014

Obedience can sometimes be costly, but it’s worth it in the end…

…and the Comforter would have nothing to do if we never needed to be comforted! 😉 Carry on, for the Lord is well-pleased with you.


24 05 2014

Hi, Tami!! Loved this post! I loved the line, “We fought for one another’s hearts, instead of fighting one another.” Too often I get confused about who the real enemy is. It isn’t the person in front of me. Great reminder as well about association not necessarily meaning agreement with someone’s behavior. Jesus certainly is our best example! Obedience to Christ is our only responsibility. Love people, please Him alone. Amen!

24 05 2014

Thanks for taking time to comment. This has been ‘boot camp’ for all of us. Sometimes it feels just as grueling. At those times, the Lord graciously reminds us who our enemy is.

We’ve learned many, many things over the last two months. I can’t wait for the debriefing that I will have with the Lord when we’re through this season. 🙂


23 05 2014
Mel Wild

You mean when God is God in their lives instead of us, we’re free to love? What a concept! 🙂 Thanks for sharing some of your adventures. Awesome. Blessings.

23 05 2014



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