Balancing Act

3 03 2014

“We must be balanced.”

You know: we must maintain a healthy evenness to our lives, not too much of any one thing or we’re apt to be diagnosed with mental health issues.

Where did this idea come from?

It certainly did not originate with Jesus.

“Follow Me.”

Leave your livelihood, your families, your homes.

“Cast your nets on the other side of the boat.”

This makes no sense after fishing all night without catching a thing.

“Go out two-by-two, and take nothing with you.”

No hefty bank account set up in advance, no hotel reservations, no concrete plan; just go.

“Love your enemies…”

Not merely those who like you, and whom you like.

“Do good to those who spitefully use you.”

Let people use me for their own selfish promotion? Really?

C’mon Peter – walk on water!

That’s a “balancing act” of a different sort altogether!

Die to self.

How can I ever hope to leave my mark if I don’t promote myself?

“Trust Me.”

Trust Someone I cannot see? How does that work?

I could go on and on.

The Old Testament is full of these same sorts of examples as well.

Um hmm, the Christian life is not one of “balance,” I’m discovering. Many things the Lord asks us to do will make us seem anything but balanced. In fact, some of them will make us look downright nutty!

However, Jesus said that He came to give us life to the full. We’re going to miss out if we take the “safe and sane” route day after day.

There’s a sense of adventure when there’s an element of risk. 

Could one of the contributing factors to OCD and ADD or ADHD be that we are bored out of our minds??

If our life with Jesus is boring, perhaps it’s because we’re experts at the “balancing act.” 🙂

Be bold! Be daring! Take a walk on the wild side with Jesus! He has an adventure waiting for you.

What if I stumble? What if I fall?

I’m glad you asked!

“The eternal God is your refuge…

…and underneath are the everlasting arms.” (Deuteronomy 33:27)


He’s there to catch you!

By today’s standards, Jesus “threw caution to the wind” – He had no 401K, no visible means of support, no home, no insurance, and did not live in “survival mode.”

“Yes, but He was God,” you might say.

True, but He chose to live within the limitations of men.

Fully dependent upon God and the Spirit, He showed us what those resources look like lived out in a human life.


The same power that raised Him from the dead lives in us. (Romans 8:11)

We are far from being impotent, dear ones, when we are filled with the Holy Spirit and on assignment from the Lord!

It is not likely that we will impact our world when we live by the world’s rules – in this case: “You must have balance.” Little about us will stand out, or make people sit up and take notice.

Jesus came into the world, bringing light into darkness. He’s passed the torch on to us, His ambassadors.

Let’s lose some of our self-preserving “balance” and take a risk or two. Let the world label us however it will. There’s nothing like the thrill of seeing the Lord do things through us that we never imagined were possible in our wildest dreams!




5 responses

28 07 2014
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Very good article. I’m dealing with some of these issues as well..

3 03 2014
Heidi Viars

I don’t believe in “balance” either. I think the Lord used words like “lukewarm” for that 🙂 Faith is required for the things we need God for, not for the things we can do ourselves! Thanks, sister, for always pointing us to the Word and the Lord

3 03 2014

Hi, Heidi. Thanks for the comment.

How are things going in your neighborhood?? 🙂


3 03 2014
Mel Wild

“Could one of the contributing factors to OCD and ADD or ADHD be that we are bored out of our minds??” How true! We were meant for adventure, which usually means scary at the time.
I have this picture now of “balance” meaning walking on a tightrope over Niagara Falls. 🙂
Great post!

3 03 2014

Great mental picture…and more accurate than the usual balancing of a soda on our armchair!


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