Prejudice of Another Sort

24 02 2014

Although these are days of being silent, they are not days without the Lord’s presence and leading; not only in software training, but also within my heart.

He recently exposed something I was completely unaware of; namely this:

I am filled with prejudice.

This has nothing to do with the color, race, or nationality of people. These are not an issue with me. It is much worse than this…

Religious prejudice.

It was horrifying to discover how quickly my inner attitudes and thoughts change, depending on which church a person chooses to worship.

My childhood “religious” experience was in a major very conservative denomination. We barely spoke the name “Holy Spirit.” Those who were “loose” with His name and gifts were highly suspect. What they did was reported to be demonic.

Right after high school, however, God tried to explode my box – the boundaries in which I would allow Him to operate. You can read about one of those experiences in Freakin’ Miracles. He took this conservative child and dropped me smack in the middle of a Bible study from one of these “iffy” churches…and healed my damaged back the first night.

Later, the same year, He sent pastors from their church to pray for me as I lay dying in a hospital from complications due to pregnancy. Not only was I restored to health, but the child I carried – certain to have brain damage from oxygen deprivation – was born healthy as well!

What was I to do with that?

Somewhere along the way, I got the idea that if people don’t have my understanding of the Lord, a relationship with Him that looks like mine, and a mode of worship that I am comfortable with, then they are wrong.

John wrote, “By this shall all men know that you are My disciples: if you have love for one another.” A mindset like mine makes following this exhortation very difficult.

What the Lord is teaching me at this time is stretching me to my uttermost limits. I feel my mind slowly untwisting as I seek to let go of my beliefs that “we” are right and “they” are wrong.

Without this renewing of my mind, I cannot live in unity with my brothers and sisters in Christ…for everyone has some bit of their walk with God “wrong!”

I want to talk about the Tower of Babel, but will save it for tomorrow’s post. There is much for the body of Christ to learn in this historical saga. We’ve fallen far short of God’s mark in this matter…which explains why we have such little impact on the world for our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Side Note:

Posts are a bit sporadic these days – so sorry. Last week it took several days to download two recording programs and get them up and running, and had two days without Internet service to boot!

I’d say that I’m on a learning curve, but it’s more like learning cliffs – they go straight up! First music theory, now DAW (Digital Audio Workstation – I think) training, then drum software.

(If I sound like I’m complaining, I’m not. This is a blast!!! Dreams I thought died long ago are being resurrected and taking on a life of their own!)

Alas, I am no computer techie, and so was clueless as to how to use the new programs.

I asked the Lord to teach me what I need to know. Within a half-hour, I found myself on the site.

For those of you who record music, this site is invaluable for in-depth software training for many DAWs…as well as how to edit, mix, master your work. For $15, you can watch as many of their videos as you want (as opposed to purchasing them for $40 each!). I’m half-way through the Studio One 2 basic series, after which I’ll be watching the Advanced series for the same software, and finally EZ Drummer.

I learned more in a couple of hours than I had in several months of using the software. He’s guiding – and providing. 🙂

God is good!




12 responses

26 02 2014
Planting Potatoes

I can relate!

24 02 2014
Pure Glory

Seasons, times for blogging, times for learning Studio 2 Producer and all seasons for God to dig deep into us to deal with our issues. I relate, God has shown me ancestral prejudices of which I wasn’t aware. The good news is he delivers and heals! 🙂

24 02 2014



24 02 2014
Equipping The Saints

See what you’ve done. You’ve got people talking. That is good.

24 02 2014



25 02 2014
Equipping The Saints

You are very kind. Please know that God is with you. Please! Never forget that.

24 02 2014
Equipping The Saints

My Sister Tami, Thank you for your honesty. That is always a good start in the direction of reconciliation. My prayers will stay with you. Blessings,

24 02 2014
Kari Anne Dorstad

I too struggle with this kind of prejudice, and i probably have 1000 others i’m not aware of yet.. So glad for your. learning so much these days , God is so Good to keep us growing and learning..

24 02 2014

Isn’t He, though? This one is going to take a bit of mind renewal before I can completely embrace it, I’m certain.


24 02 2014

Thanks Tami. I have never heard if this site. I’ll head on over 😉

24 02 2014

I am LOVING it! I use Studio One 2 Producer, and EZ Drummer. For these there is a basic and an advanced instructional series. I was hoping you’d see this info! 🙂


24 02 2014

So good to hear that things are going well Rod, God bless you my friend!

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