Approach is Everything

23 01 2014

What a difference our demeanor can make in any situation.

First Corinthians thirteen tells us that if we do anything without love, we only add to the noise and confusion. This can be seen in news reports of “Christians” screaming threats against homosexuals and abortionists. Without love, their words, signs, and gestures just make matters worse.

Take this down several notches to our personal lives.

There was once a young man who came with one of our kids for a visit. He had more metal in him by way of piercings than the local scrap yard (okay – I might be exaggerating just a bit!). He had as much art work on his body as I have on my walls, too. I couldn’t get past his appearance.

The Lord told me to close my eyes and just listen to what he was saying. It turned out that he was a very kind, compassionate fellow…one I wouldn’t mind getting to know better.

Or how about conflicts? How do we handle those? Do we jump in mouth-first? Or do we take time to discuss the matter with the Lord and ask Him – not to take sides – but just to take over?

We live in a world where “Me-ology” has replaced theology. It’s all about me, baby. I deserve the best, the finest, to be first, and have all I want. Selfishness is on the rise.

That makes this our finest hour!

It is our time to shine!

Can we treat others with love and respect? Can we put others first? Can we look out for their best interest as well as our own? Can we act without trying to manipulate, to live without hypocrisy? Can we be without guile?

If so, we will find that people are drawn to us, and want to know what makes us tick!

We can be the “voice of one crying in the wilderness,” preparing a way into hearts, and leading others to our beloved Jesus!


Help us to shine as lights brightly in this darkened age. May we attract people to You like never before. Teach us to love, Lord. Teach us to love well.

In Jesus’ name,





4 responses

27 01 2014

Hey Soul Sister :D,
Amen. All too often we forget that we should be the light that attracts not the light that repels and we go out of our way to contentious. What is that song says ” they will know we are Christians by our love” , we gotta loving to do.
Every blessing, Larry
PS, thanks for the recent comment 🙂

27 01 2014

{ 🙂 joyously jiggling 😀 } Hey there! It’s so good to have you back. I trust things are going better for you?

To love well is a challenge, isn’t it? This one character trait will probably take the rest of my life to develop!


23 01 2014

This is the most basic stuff of living for Jesus, but so often the basic gets buried in the obsession to be right and one up. I wrote a song, “Jesus is the Eyes I’m Looking Through” and others have written similar songs – all to encourage that we love like Jesus loves. Oh yea, that’s 1 Cor 13!

24 01 2014

I’d love to hear that song! 🙂


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