Not Yet…Not Yet…NOW!

17 01 2014

Many seem to be in the middle of the sea. The waves are high; the winds threaten to blow them off course or take them down.

I picture the scene in Mark 4:

Waves crash over the sides of their boat. Every man has a rope tied around his waist so that if he is thrown overboard he can be retrieved.

The sails lie in a heap on the deck – hastily pulled down to keep the winds from capsizing their vessel.

Although these are seasoned sailors who have weathered many a storm, this is like none they’ve ever experienced. Terror is evident in their faces. The words are sharp and loud.

Everything they know to do has been done, yet to no avail. Their doom seems certain.

Suddenly someone notices the absence of Jesus from the crew. Where can He be? Was he swept out to sea?

No, there He is…


What on earth?

Meanwhile, Jesus rests.

(I wonder if the Spirit whispered, “Not yet. Not yet.”)

Spent from their efforts, and out of ideas, the disciples turn on Jesus:

“Don’t You care that we are perishing?”

(The Spirit whispers, “NOW!”)

Jesus stretched as He rose up from His slumber. Every eye was on Him.

He rebuked the wind and spoke to the sea:

“Peace, be still.”

As fast as that, it was over. The wind died down; the sea was perfectly calm.

His question to them burns in my heart:

“Why are you so timid? How is it that you have no faith?”

When we find ourselves in a storm of this magnitude, it is our nature to do all we can to keep from going under.

God helps those who help themselves, right?

Um… No!

We learn from this story that it’s when we’ve exhausted our resources and – with nothing left to offer as a solution – ask the Lord for help that He steps in. With a word He calls an end to the thing.

As I stated in my last post, Jesus didn’t add to their efforts. No scurrying and stress is seen on His part.

Nor did He step in and rescue them because of their works. “Ooh, look how close they were to saving themselves. I’ll add that last push needed to get them over the top. They’ve tried so faithfully.”

Jesus had said, “Let’s go to the other side.” To His mind, that should have settled the issue.

“Has He not said, and will He not do it?”

May this be the year that we remember to recall God’s faithfulness in our previous storms –

-when the waves were high

-when the wind threatened to topple us

-when it looked like we were going down

We made it to the shore that time…

and we will make it this time, too. 

Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus, or we might hear the Spirit whisper to Him, “Not yet!”




11 responses

29 01 2014

I love the way you reenacted this wise story from God’s word! Beautiful!

29 01 2014

I’ve been in this boat many times. Sadly, I still tend to behave like these fellows did. I’m getting faster at asking for His help, though! 😉


29 01 2014

Me too friend! Me too! When you step out in trust, He shows us the way each and every time! I know one day I’ll be jumping out of that boat with absolutely no thought! Amen!

18 01 2014

I forgot about the importance of this scene in the Bible. Seems when we go through all our trials we have no rest to the point that we can sleep through the storm.

19 01 2014

Seems that way…but that’s only when I walk by sight, not by faith. 😉


18 01 2014

Excellent! Usually, we measure God by our yardstick, instead of realizing that He is immeasurable!

18 01 2014

Been pondering God lately. It’s like the night sky…the more I gaze at Him, the more I see. Immeasurable, to be sure!


17 01 2014

Thanks for the reminder. I have seen it and see it, but every reminder is needed, that when we run out of resources and wits, at the end of our rope, that Jesus throws the lifeline. Now that’s Jesus just being God!

18 01 2014



17 01 2014
Mel Wild

Jesus asleep in the storm…now that’s the rest of God!

Good stuff. 🙂

17 01 2014

I’m beginning to learn this for myself. Incredible!


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