Snowflakes – who knew?

13 12 2013

These photos capture God’s stunning masterpieces. Enjoy!


macro-photography-snowflakes-alexey-kljatov-2While the Southern Hemisphere swelters in humidity and great overdoses of sunshine, our friends in the North get to enjoy a spectacular reminder of our Creator’s intricate designs. These snowflakes are magnificent – though at times I suppose they can cause chaos and lots of work. Whether you are neck deep in snow, or not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these macro snowflake images!

“As fascinating as macro photography is, most of us think we can’t do it because it requires specialized equipment. Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov, however, is an inspiration to aspiring amateur photographers everywhere – he created a home-made rig capable of capturing stunning close-up pictures of snowflakes out of old camera parts, boards, screws and tape. His pictures give us an enchanting close-up view of snowflakes that we could never hope for without specialized equipment.

The wonderful thing about snowflakes is that no two are alike. Their extraordinary…

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14 12 2013

Snowflakes are incredible aren’t they? Did you know that manmade snow does not have any of these beautiful feaures under the microscope? They are just blobs. And make sure you check out this link to zoom in and out even further on a single snowflake. I think the pixel size is something like 3400 x 3400! Our God’s exquisite designs are truly breathtaking. Thanks Tami.

15 12 2013

Thanks for the link – I hadn’t thought about man-made ones. It’s not surprising to learn that we can’t duplicate God’s beauty…even with something as minute as snow!

Merry Christmas!


14 12 2013
Joyanne Ferrara

How did you get that snow to fall? LOVE!!

15 12 2013

I borrowed it from my friend! 🙂


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