I don’t ever want to preach a good sermon.

23 11 2013

Jesus is the only One with power to transform lives. Let’s remember this very important “detail” and seek only to be the messenger.

Don’t miss J. S. Park’s podcasts. He practices what he preaches, giving illustrations that help us better understand Biblical truths.


J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

– For pastors, preachers, leaders, Bible study teachers, and for us all. –


If I preach a good sermon on a Sunday service:

I didn’t do it right.

Yes, I want to research hard.  To study up, do the exegesis, dig up the Greek and Hebrew, get into my historical-grammatical exposition, find the redemptive purpose.  I want to speak in a dynamic tone, find the best stories, sharpen my metaphors, keep it relevant, be self-aware and self-deprecating, know my people and give them permission to laugh.

All this is good.

But if people are saying, “You’re good” or “Great sermon!” — then I totally messed it up.

You know why, pastors.  Because our job is to point to Him.  To step out of the way so that instead of the hearers saying, “Isn’t our pastor great?” — they say, “Isn’t Jesus great?”

I understand though.  Many churchgoers hear a…

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2 responses

24 11 2013

This is great encouragement!

24 11 2013

Umm hmm. 🙂


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