Co Operate

18 11 2013

We’ve been discussing how to overcome obstacles to intimacy with God.

Thus far, we’ve talked about the need to abide in Him; that we have some responsibility in our relationship with God, and learned that He stirs us up in order to draw us closer.

Today we want to take a look at how we can set aside our own agendas and

pursue God’s agenda instead.

Some fall into the fallacy that Christianity is passive…something that happens to us, and for which we have no responsibility. As we saw in the garden, this is not entirely true.

Jesus set an example of co-operating with the Father. I’ve divided the word intentionally, for we often miss its meaning.

Co = with

Operate = work

Thus, to cooperate with our Father is to function together with Him to the same end; to work or labor with mutual efforts to promote the same object.

We see this in Jesus in Luke 2:49 where He was found as a child “about My Father’s business.”

In Luke 22:42, Jesus said, “Yet not My will, but Yours be done.”

And in John 5:19, He said, “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by Himself – He can only do what He sees His Father doing, because whatsoever the Father does, the Son also does.

In this last verse we not only see Jesus working in tandem with the Father, but also discover that God is not passive.

You see, God is always actively drawing us closer into relationship with Himself. 

He is always “up to something!”

Our responsibility is to become a keen observer; an astute listener. If we allow Him to lead the way, we can take the role of discovering what He is doing – and simply co-operate with Him.

We wait on His timing for Godspeed is always the best speed.

One important thing to note is that we join God in what He is doing…we don’t show up with our own agenda. We don’t need one!

This includes our personal “fix-it” lists.

Since God has an agenda for me, I don’t need one

– not for me, and not one for anyone else.

Thus, we can meet (let’s call him “Earl).

Instead of assessing him and thinking, “Wow! What a mess,” we can instead say, “Wow! This is Earl and God is at work in him – doing something wonderful. Is there something here that You’d like me to co-operate with You in this, Lord?”

Further, we can relax when we look at the mess that remains within us. Ephesians 2:10 says that we are God’s workmanship.

We are His work of art!

He’s a Master Craftsman.

We’re in good hands!

Have you ever been busy creating something and had an observer offer “helpful” suggestions?

I have.

I listen politely, thank them for their input…and then continue with what I was doing. I know what effect I’m after. They may think they do too – but this is rarely the case.

The same is true with the Lord. He alone knows the end from the beginning. He knows exactly what He is doing – and doesn’t need our two-cents worth!

In order to co-operate with God, I must surrender all…

…my expectations, and

…my failure to meet them.

(and others’ failure to meet my expectations as well.)

We would do well to remember that we are part of God’s Kingdom –

and not our own.

Let’s get off our Lord’s throne, quit trying to control what He is doing, and co-operate with Him in His work.


Here’s your homework:

Take a look in your heart, in your beliefs. How do you line up in these areas:

* Do you really believe that God desires an intimate relationship with you?

* How’s your “garden” doing? Are there any nutrients that need to be added, or things that need to be weeded out?

* Has God stirred your heart to desire to know Him better? If not, have you asked Him to do so?


If you’d like to read the rest of this week’s study, it begins with C’mon In… 

The second week’s study begins with a Bounded Set vs. a Centered Set. Check back tomorrow for this important study.




2 responses

22 11 2013

I like this. The idea of Co-Operating with God instead of running the whole show to our own liking. One time I asked God to; “Fix me however I need to be fixed!” He immediately, at that very moment, took my generalized anxiety away. This happened in November of 2010. That’s 3 years now and it has never returned. I still do have situational anxiety sometimes, but not the generalized kind that NEVER lets up.

22 11 2013

Woohoo!!! God is good. 🙂


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