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16 11 2013

Our emotions were created by God…every one of them. He designed them as surely as He did the trees and birds. Every one of them has its place in our lives; those we consider to be “good” (love, joy, happiness, satisfaction, for example) as well as those we consider to be “bad” (fear, anger, doubt, frustration).

The positive ones provide pleasure, while the negative ones (hopefully) move us to action.

Some emotions are useful for developing an intimate relationship with God: restlessness, loneliness, and a longing for more.

Sadly, few realize that these emotions are meant to nudge us toward God, and instead try to fill these places with adventures, people, and “stuff.” Any contentment or satisfaction is short-lived, however, and the quest is on for more and more. This is at the root of many an addiction.

Read through the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah some time. Note how often the Lord laments how He longed to be sought by the people, but was rebuffed instead.

Read the book of Hosea. God called this man to marry a harlot, then to continue to provide for her when she returned to prostitution…and had Hosea go redeem her from the slave block. This wasn’t meant to be a bit of entertainment for the Lord, but rather a demonstration of His great love for us. Phew!

He designed marriage as a living example of what our relationship with Him could be like (See Ephesians 5).

We can’t spend time with a happily married couple without feeling a sense of longing for that kind of love. 

That is God stirring our hearts toward Him.

Our good Father places in each of his children a “stirring.” He awakens in us the great hunger for more…a hunger for deeper…a hunger for closeness.

“Call unto Me and I will answer you,

and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3

He calls to us continually. Our response to the deep hunger for God is to call on Him; to reach out for Him.

“You will seek Me and find Me

When you search for Me with all your heart…

and I will be found by you,” declares the Lord. (Isaiah 29:13, 14a)

This “stirring” can motivate us to move toward Him. It is a momentum builder for what He wants to do in each one of us. If He doesn’t awaken us with hunger to draw closer, then we will lack the zeal to remove obstacles and nurture intimacy with Him.

Is He awakening you? Is He stirring your heart? Is there a deep hunger in your spirit for more of Him?

“Ask (and keep on asking) and you will receive, seek (and keep on seeking) and you will find, knock (and keep on knocking) and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives…” Luke 11:9.

What a promise this is!

If we’re having difficulty in finding Jesus, here is the reason why:

Behold, I stand at the door and knock.

If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, 

I will come in to him and sup with him,

and He with Me. Revelation 3:20.

Why is Jesus standing outside the church, seeking to gain entry?

Will you be the “anyone?”

He waits for the day when we will allow Him to fill that longing in our hearts with all that is good, right, pure, just, lovely, and virtuous. He is waiting for the opportunity to tell us how much He loves us.

Instead of trying to fill that emptiness within with food, drugs, sex, alcohol, busyness, or anything else that cannot satisfy, let’s instead ask the Lord to fill us, to feed us with Himself. His is a lasting satisfaction like no other…and without negative side-effects!

He is, after all, the Bread of Life!

This series begins with C’mon In…




11 responses

22 11 2013

This is a wonderful post. I so much enjoy your writing and your gift for it. I am one of those lonely ones full of depression and addiction to food (it used to alcohol before that) . I have learned here that this is supposed to push me toward a deeper relationship with God. I hear you loud and clear about that and I myself believe that that is true also. Now I just have to do it. To draw closer to God who can heal my depression and loneliness. After all, is there anything on this planet that He can not heal?

22 11 2013

Yay!!! I’m excited for you!

I had a three-year period when I had not friends…not one…and my husband was among the “not ones!” God used this time to teach me that He is the very best Friend we could ever have.

If you and keep taking your loneliness and depression to Him, He will show you the same thing.



17 11 2013

I agree that loneliness can be a call to come closer to the Lord. He is the only One who can fill and satisfy our soul. Wonderful post!

Blessings ~ Wendy

17 11 2013

It took three friendless years to learn that He truly is all I need to fulfill loneliness. He proved to be a faithful friend.


16 11 2013

Great post!! This is a good teaching on the purpose of emotion and how to use our emotion to glorify God. Thank’s for taking the time to read my blog, and check up on me, i know how busy you are! May God multiply your seed of love with great harvest of souls. Thank you Sis:) God bless you!:)

17 11 2013

The class we’re attending is very good. The instructors said that we were free to share all we learned there…word for word if we didn’t know any other way…with whomever we wished.

Where else would I take this wonderful material but to my friends and family here? 😉



17 11 2013

That’s the word! Charity begins at home:) Love you Sis, stay BLESSED:)

16 11 2013

This was really nice. I forwarded it to my daughter.

17 11 2013

God is good!


16 11 2013
Pure Glory

Amen! The bread of life satisfies like nothing else.

16 11 2013



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