Is Jesus A Paralytic?

31 10 2013

Another important step in gaining the mind of Christ is found in a word:


Where were we when Jesus found us? What was life like? What kinds of messes were we in at that time? If we aren’t filled with gratitude for what the Lord has done in us, then we’ve forgotten. StephenWhoElse made an excellent comment regarding Ministry That Matters. It was this:

“God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. (2 Cor 1:3-4)

If God has lifted us out from the same mess that the brokenhearted, downtrodden and desperate people are in, then we have a big responsibility to share with them the same comfort we received from God.”

Please note that our responsibility is TO them, and not FOR them. Our job is not to rescue them, provide income, or “fix” their lives. These things are beyond our scope of ability. Instead, our calling is to love them; to see them through God’s eyes. Oh, not as they are, but as they will be once they know that they are loved by Him.

You see, Jesus is the Head.

Of what?

His body.

Check this…it’s cool…

We have His mind…and get to be His hands touching; His feet going; His mouth speaking; and His eyes seeing.

Sadly, too often we are merely His “butt” – sitting.

(No irreverence intended.)

Our hands massage the body; our feet take us to church on Sunday, but not to the desperate; our mouth speaks sweet words of affirmation to itself, while telling the destitute, “Get a job.” We shut our eyes to the downtrodden. If we don’t “see” them, we have no responsibility to them.

To a great extent, we’ve become quite narcissistic…

…and rendered Jesus a paralytic.

This isn’t about the street people – although it includes them. Look around. There are many who are living “lives of quiet desperation.” Life is spiraling out of control, fear is at an all-time high. They have no “Anchor for their soul.” They’re being ripened for the harvest.

Jesus said:

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

(Matthew 9:37-38)

Lord, help us to be You in the world – the way You intended for us to be.

Teach us to love with Your love and feel compassion the way You did when You walked among us.

Help us to “be the change” we want to see in the world. We will need courage and strength – and a lot of discernment. May we glorify You in all we say, do and think.

In Jesus’ name. Amen!



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13 11 2013

Reblogged this on godssceneryandpromises and commented:
Love this post!! Bringing our drama team to a community outreach, and a nursing home this month to minister…gave Jesus use of His legs! Amen!

13 11 2013

Love this post!! Bringing our drama team to a community outreach, and a nursing home this month to minister…gave Jesus use of His legs! Amen!

14 11 2013



5 11 2013
Valerie Rutledge

Our Pastor has often said that sometimes we need to say amen and go do something! Prayer is a vital part of life but we can’t let the “let me pray about it” response keep us from ever DOING work

6 11 2013

He’s right! 🙂


1 11 2013

I just finished reading a great book I think you would love: The Colors of Hope by Richard Dahlstrom. He shares this same point midway his book talking about as a pastor he realized how much he had limited God that while others were out Living the Gospel, serving orphans he was arguing over a literal 7 days in Genesis, and others were rescuing girls from prostitution he was debating over the relevancy of tongues, as others were overseeing water projects and building schools, he was discussing the authorship of Isaiah… Dahlstrom challenges us to LIVE Micah 6:8 Do Justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God.
Your reading list must be tremendous, but this is one worth checking out 🙂 Thanks for this post!

1 11 2013

Thanks for the recommendation. It sounds like my kind of reading.

Several years ago I quit making my back yard “pretty” – we are never in it. The idea of spending countless hours trying to make it look like Eden seemed kind of foolish in light of the needs I saw around me.

I also put away many time-consuming hobbies (like bead weaving) for now. I will have an eternity in which to do that stuff, but only a limited time here to reach out to others.

I really want to live my life in light of eternity, and not the here and now. It’s not easy and I don’t always do it very well, though. 🙂


31 10 2013
Julie Garro

Wow. What a unique perspective, but it really drives the point home. Excellent post.

31 10 2013

Sometimes I sense His frustration with His body…especially my “part” that doesn’t move very reliably. 😦


31 10 2013

Amen!!! Awesome Post!!!!

31 10 2013

I’m trusting Jesus to take me out of my “box” and set me on the road alongside Him. I am challenged by these last few posts, for I do not fully practice what I preach…yet. Lord willing, this will change.

Take care, dear sister!


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