Your Bit Part in an Epic

25 10 2013

First posted on Steve Austin’s blog, Grace is Messy: The wisdom of when and where to share our testimony.


One of the traps we fall into is the belief that life is all about us. After all, we were the recipients of others’ evil deeds, we were the ones lost in the grip of sin, the ones who committed evil against others.

Let’s look at this from another vantage point: you are part of a grand epic.

Yours is but a bit part in a huge story…God’s story.

Think of your testimony as a slingshot, and each bit of it as the “stones” in your pouch. In this way, when you come upon someone facing a giant (like David with the Israelites), you discover that you have just the stone to take the bagger out!

Whenever you encounter a person who has an overwhelming problem, listen to their story. As they speak, prayerfully look for similarities to your own.

For instance, perhaps the person is facing a pressing financial need. You’ve been in that place and seen God’s ability to provide. You rummage around in your “bag of stones” and pull out the “Provider” rock. When they’ve finished their story, share your own.

As you speak of your own need, how it was the eleventh hour (isn’t it always) when God provided exactly what you needed. If you have several stories of this sort, share them. This won’t fix the problem, but will redirect them to the Lord…which is the purpose of sharing our testimony.

After all, whenever someone is called to testify, it is to tell what was seen, heard, or experienced someone else do, right?

Whenever we witness, we’re the teller of facts, not the One who acted.

It’s not about us!

Once we get this idea firmly planted in our mind, sharing with others becomes our “reasonable act of worship” (Romans 12:1)

There is a great deal of bad press about our Lord being broadcast from one end of the world to the other. The rumors flying around are grossly false. We know the truth about the One being maligned. Because He is our Lord, our Friend, our love compels us to set the story straight, doesn’t it?

We would do so for a human friend – just because we care about them; why would we not speak up and testify for Jesus, who has done so much for us?

When should we share our testimony? Whenever we have an opportunity to share what we know to be true about God. We are to be ready “in season and out of season” (2 Timothy 4:2).

Where? Wherever we are…at work (on break, of course), at the store, the gas station, sports events, the beauty shop, anywhere you find someone who is facing a giant. You’ve got the stone…use it!

The reason you’ve had all those experiences is so that you could share the love, mercy, grace, and hope of Jesus with others. Without them, you’d have nothing to say!

Make the name of Jesus known –





6 responses

28 10 2013
Kari Anne Dorstad

I’v got some rocks in my bag. I love it when God gives me the opportunity to share about hitting bottom and having the Lord Jesus pull me out of the pit. .He is so faithful to keep me on the right path even when i mess up royally.

28 10 2013

🙂 I’m very thankful for His mercy and grace…and faithfulness, too!


25 10 2013

Wow. You are disciplining your readers. The world needs this. I think that we, as a culture focus a lot on Christ saving us, but it kinda stops there. We need more teaching and modeling on being good disciples and growing in His grace. Thank you for helping us to identify with other’s and encourage them in their walk.

25 10 2013

Hadn’t thought about it that way. Steve asked me to write three short posts on why, when, and how to share our testimonies for his blog. (Be sure to check it out.)

Time is limited right now, so I’m posting them here as well. 😉

25 10 2013

I’m timid about sharing my faith with others. But thinking about what Jesus did – for ME! Well that puts a whole new spin on things. Yes I would defend a de-faced best friend, so why not the de-faced Jesus?

25 10 2013

Go for it! There’s a whole world who needs to hear about our wonderful Lord! 🙂


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