Naomi’s Claim to Fame

17 10 2013

What does it take to be great by the Lord’s standards?

Hmm. I’ve been giving this much thought lately.

I thought about some of the “greats” of the Bible? One that came to mind was Naomi.

This grief-stricken widow had given herself a new name:



Yet she did a “great work”.

Here it is.

Are You ready?

She gave wise counsel to her widowed daughter-in-law, Ruth…

A Gentile!

It was her opportunity to see that Ruth would be cared for.

Ruth also did a “great work.”

She followed Naomi’s counsel…

…and got herself a man…

…and had a baby boy.

His name was Obed.

When Obed grew up, his wife bore him a son by the name of Jesse.

Jesse’s wife bore him a son by the name of David.

He was the great great great…grandfather…

…of Jesus!

All of this came about because Naomi gave Ruth wise counsel.

This leads me back to my original question: “What does it take to be ‘great’ by the Lord’s standards?”

Apparently not a huge following. No “limelight.” Nothing that makes the entire world gasp in awe.

In Naomi’s day, I doubt very many people took notice of her discussions with Ruth. It is unlikely that CNN showed up to report the story! She had no idea of the importance of her counsel. No one could have guessed the far-reaching consequences of her words.

Yet, we find this story recorded in the Book of books…and read about Naomi and Ruth thousands of years later.

What does it take to do a “great” work for the Lord?

Obviously not as big a show as we are led to believe today!

Our “great” work may be a seemingly insignificant act – such as praying for salvation to come as a result of the emergency to which that fire truck is rushing toward.

Who knows?

This new disciple could become the next Billy Graham or Chuck Smith and lead hundreds of thousands into a relationship with the Lord.

And we will be clueless until we reach heaven!

Let’s not fall into the world’s trap of what success “should” be; set aside our visions of grandeur, and be content to serve wherever we are called.

 I need to rethink my ideas about the “great works” God has prepared for me in advance.

Chances are, I will do them and no one will even notice…

…except God…

…and that is enough!




14 responses

22 10 2013
Valerie Rutledge

Tami, I so appreciate this post. I have been guilty of feeling unappreciated because clanging symbols didn’t resound when I’ve done something that I thought would receive some praise. I KNOW that’s not what it’s about, but I am human and forget that sometimes. However, I would much rather have Jesus approval than that of anyone on this earth.

23 10 2013

Mmm. Me too! 🙂


19 10 2013

While I have taught this, and believed this, with my whole heart, there are times I slip into wanting something for what I do. I’ll take a reminder like this every time it comes. Thanks.

20 10 2013

You’re most welcome.

I needed to hear this right now because I sense I’m on the edge of finally doing that “something big” that’s been spoken over me since my youth. God’s idea of “big” will be very different from mine, no doubt!

Did you have a great time with the grands?


21 10 2013

Yes, grandchildren are fun to be around (because it’s temporary). They are good, really, but the confusion and mess they create makes me shake my head sometimes. But in everything a lesson comes, since before God we act like messy children causing confusion (at times) and God is stuck with us permanently and can’t “send us back to our parents”!
In your waiting and in the doing,

23 10 2013



18 10 2013
Anna Bachinsky

Amen! One of my pastors was talking about this at church last week. Success isn’t always being “Billy Graham” on stage. It might be being the one who inspires and prays for that “Billy Graham” to do what God calls him to so that he makes it on that stage to share the Word. And that way we partake in his ministry without even knowing it. Nothing we do is insignificant in God’s eyes.

18 10 2013

🙂 Now if I could only believe the truth of this post. That’s the tricky part!


17 10 2013

Amen & amen.

17 10 2013

And amen!


17 10 2013
Kari Anne Dorstad

So true!

17 10 2013



17 10 2013

“….and that is enough” Wow! Such liberty and simplicity. I have been blessed reading this post. Thank you. Blessings and hugs!! 🙂

17 10 2013

Thanks, dear sister! 🙂


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