Turn your pain into someone else’s hope

7 10 2013

Anna has so eloquently written how to allow the Lord to redeem your pain. It took her post to open my eyes to the wonderful work the Lord has been doing in me since I began sharing my Lessons by Heart in March. We can choose this day whom we will serve…the Lord by ministering to others from our experiences…or our tormentors who are mere memories (unless we choose to keep them in our lives by continuing to pay homage to them). I choose life! \o/

share-your-storySometimes when I step into church I feel like I’m attending a masquerade.

A place full of perfect people hiding behind masks.

Masks that cover their insecurities, their imperfections, their heartaches, their struggles, and their pain.

People who would never dare to put that mask down and admit that life is less than perfect.

That they are lonely.

That they are hopeless.

That they are scared.

That life is nothing near to how they imagined it to be.

That they are not as tough on the inside as they seem to be on the outside.

That they fight battles behind closed doors for days, months, maybe years that they have never told anyone about.

That they don’t know how much longer they can handle going through their valley, their desert, or their storm.

Because telling anyone how they really feel would be unheard of.

It would be breaking some kind…

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5 responses

13 11 2013
Heather Marsten

Thanks for sharing this. Our testimonies help other people realize that their situation is not hopeless

13 11 2013

Rev. 12:11 says that we overcome the adversary by the word of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb. If telling what He’s done for us will reduce the enemy’s power and effectiveness, then let’s tell everyone!!!!


10 10 2013
Toni Sprandel

Amen! 🙂

8 10 2013

That is great!! Thanks for your post

8 10 2013

Anna’s post spoke deeply to me. I had to share it!


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