Walk On Water

2 10 2013

Struggling, striving, constantly working, doing all you can to win the approval of others, seeking their validation, acceptance, and applause, looking to the things you do for your identity.

It’s no wonder you’re so tired.

You’re still trying to silence the voices from your past – the ones who said you weren’t enough – or that you were too much and told you to settle down; those who said, “You’ll never be good at _________ .”(fill in the blank), and “Who do you think you are to ____________?”(fill in the blank); or “You’re a good-for-nothing – hopeless, worthless, and foolish.”

Do you know that they spoke from their own insecurity? Their own sense of worthlessness?

Those things you attempted were seen as a threat to them. If you did ___________ (fill in the blank) and succeeded, their own identity would have been threatened – you wouldn’t need them any longer (or so they believed).

Your skills, abilities and talents put to use made their own inactivity and selfish living stick out like a sore thumb. Your movements in your gifting tapped into their hidden fear that prevented them from doing likewise.

When you do the things I created you to do – and those around you are not, their consciences are pricked; but their feet are nailed to the floor by their fear…they hear voices from their past, same as you, telling them why they can’t possibly pursue their dreams…those desires I placed within their hearts when I knit them together in their mothers’ wombs.

To walk in your calling stirs up those longings within them. The fear of failure has overpowered those dreams, so they do not do…in fact, they are unwilling to even try.

Meanwhile, there you go, leaping and bounding on the hills. They feel bad, unwilling to take a risk and join you. They must make you stop if they are to remain at peace with their lost dreams.

So they put you down, condemn you, belittle you and “put you in your place.”

These are the “voices” for whom you work, strive, and labor hoping, ever hoping that they’ll finally recognize that you have what it takes to be good at what you do; that they will validate you and encourage you as you move towards your dream.

These people fall into one of two categories:

1) Those who’ve given up and given in to their fear. They believe they dare not risk trying to live out their dreams and end up looking like a fool; and

2) those who are power hungry control addicts who selfishly pursue their dreams (trying to still their own “voices of the past” and prove them wrong), and do so by using and walking on whoever they need to in order to succeed.

They are your “friend” until you’ve outlived your usefulness, or are perceived as a threat. Don’t steal their thunder…they WILL take you out.

Take time to think about those who have offended you, those who put you down, or shoved you away from your dreams. You’ll find wounded people behind the voices.

All your efforts are in vain.

Oh, and every current “voice” is merely the echo of one from your past.

There is a reason why I said, “Take My yoke upon you. “There’s far more meaning to , “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” than you realize.

First – that there is a yoke indicates that there’s work to be done. That I’ve invited you to it means that there’s work specifically for you.

In that yoke only, you will find rest for your soul.

Work and you’ll find rest? This is not the oxymoron it seems to be at first.

Note that the rest you’ll find is not for your body, but for your soul. Work requires effort…no doubt about it.

The key is in the next part: My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

The yoke i have for you is that desire I planted in your heart. When you are doing the thing I created you to do there is no striving and straining, for you won’t be trying to force your square peg into someone else’s round hole.

What you’ve been trying to do seems like toil because it isn’t what I made you for! That yoke rubs you wrong because I made it for someone else!

My burden is light. This burden comes from Me – and no one else.

When you take up burdens that others would put upon you, by which I mean you seek to please others by being what they want you to be, the weight seems to crush you; to squeeze your dream down to nothing. There will be no freedom of movement, no room for it to grow.

And you will die, having never known the freedom, lightness, and joy of being in the yoke I made specifically for you.

All this to say that when you spend your life trying to gain others’ approval, something many cannot give, life will be hard and you will not experience My peace.

Now is the time for you to begin to “walk on water!”

No doubt the others in Peter’s boat voiced their objections and fears as Peter headed for the side and began to get out.

“Are you out of your mind?”

“You can’t do that!”

“Who do you think you are to try that?”

“There goes Peter, showing off again.”

“He will sink like a rock!”

From a human standpoint, many of these things were true; but God is a supernatural Being. That trumps every human “card” that has ever been played against you.

Perhaps you’ve already heard many of these things…and that’s why you cling, immobilized by fear, to the mast of life’s boat.

How big do you think I am…really?

Every man in that boat showed what he really believed by what he did. Only one risked, only one ignored what the others thought and said. Only one walked…albeit briefly…on the water.

Will you be the one?

Learn to listen to My voice and to step out in faith. Tune out all dissenters. Remove their yokes.

Choose you this day whom you will serve –

Men…or Me




18 responses

5 10 2013
Prodigal Chick

Mercy me, too many confirmations to count! The Lord has been speaking these things to me the past couple of months and have increased the past 2 weeks….yes, I have been paralyzed to move. What I have thought he has been urging me to do, which is beyond my minds comprehension, you have confirmed. This thing that he has put in my hands to do requires walking on water if you will. I must get past my human smallness, stop feeling overwhelmed and settle my soul knowing that it is god’s super with my natural that will accomplish this vast and too big for me task. Wow Tami, your post fueled the flame of The Lord today! I say thank you sweet sister with fear and trembling….

5 10 2013

Isn’t that interesting? He’s doing the same thing with me. I’m not sure what His plans will look like carried out, but am excited that it seems to include music…something I set aside three decades ago. I’ve forgotten more than I ever knew. It’s gonna take God’s super along with my natural to do anything in this regard. What He is after seems almost too sacred to touch, doesn’t it?

Anticipation is growing!


5 10 2013
Prodigal Chick

Way too sacred and huge anticipation with a great amount of reluctance!! Yikes!!

3 10 2013
Toni Sprandel

Loved this post. I love the part about the yoke. Someone once told me that when He asks us to take His yoke upon us, that He is actually saying, “Quit trying to carry that load all by yourself and put on my yoke” Instead of us carrying all the weight of our problems all by ourselves, we now have His yoke and He is helping us to carry ours. I loved that explanation. Thank you! 🙂

3 10 2013

Well put. Thanks for adding it, Toni!


3 10 2013
Moore to ponder

In less than six hours I will be going to a job interview. I was lying in bed, and couldn’t sleep, so I thought I would drop by. This post spoke to me on so many levels. Please keep me in your prayers.

3 10 2013

As it turned out, I read this note at about the time of your interview. May the Lord give you peace and guide you through your interview today. May His face shine brightly upon you today. 🙂


3 10 2013
Moore to ponder

While I was at my interview I learned about one of the duties that came with the job, and I had to be honest and tell her that I wasn’t able to do that. The job was an advocate at a battered women’s shelter, and I had to be willing to put them back out on the street in certain circumstances. Although I understood why that was part of their policy, I knew that I would never be able to bring myself to do it even if it was for the best. She was a little shocked that I was so honest about that, but thanked me for letting her know. We both then agreed that it was not the job for me.

I really do need to find a full-time job, but I am just going to trust the Lord to lead me to it, or it to me. Thank you so much for praying. He did guide me and give me peace about that. 🙂

4 10 2013

How difficult it must have been to be honest when it cost you the work you needed. God will honor that, no doubt. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you. 🙂


2 10 2013

So many things in this post jumped out at me.
Rest is for the soul – not the body
There is a yoke meant just for me
Don’t be burdened by someone else’s yoke

The truth really does set us free … from the bondage of the past. What a wonderful encouragement Tami!

2 10 2013

I’m glad to know you received something from the Lord through this post, Stephen. The things you mentioned are the same ones that really spoke to me as well.

This message was one I desperately needed to hear. It was underscored at a Bible study I attended tonight.

God’s instruction to me right now is this: CEASE STRIVING! and know that I am God. All of my agendas and fix-it lists for God concerning me have to go. My job is to identify where He is at work in me and cooperate. He brings the agenda. I bring the surrender!
Love it!


2 10 2013

Yes! Big Amen! 🙂

2 10 2013
Rebekah L

Thank you so much for this reminder. I truly needed this today!

2 10 2013

You’re welcome. I need this often myself. It’s easier to sit on my haunches and whine than to take a risk and step out.


2 10 2013

Ah Tami I thank the Lord for your obedience in posting this! I have been a victim of such and these words are beautiful and reassuring! Thank you!

2 10 2013

I’m tired of my past defining my future instead of empowering me to walk in the works God prepared for me beforehand. As I consider every trial and opposition, I realize that they were tools that helped me to become the person I am today.

Onward, upward, and outward…dead people need to see Jesus. The easiest way for them to do so is through us. There is much work to be done!


2 10 2013

Awesome post! Something I have been dealing with for a very long time in my life and very recently too! Amen! I choose to follow Him and please Him. God bless you for blessing us with such a powerful, meaningful post!!!!

2 10 2013

I’m thankful that the Lord’s words to me spoke to you as well. 🙂


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