God-Shivers: the Handicap of Faith

22 09 2013

It’s easy to get caught up in emotionalism, but much of Christianity is lived in the trenches…not just on the mountaintops. Enjoy this well-balanced article by Kris. \o/


I don’t think I was very old in the Lord miracle[1]before breathtaking things started happening.  Prayers were answered in ways that sent chills down my spine.   The Spirit provoked me to do ‘crazy’ things and incredible things happened.   I would go to my Bible and say, “Lord I need a word on….”, open my Bible and find something staring back at me so pointed that it would make me cower.  At times during worship I felt like I was on the edge of a trance and afraid He would make a spectacle of me. I felt His presence.  Saw His presence through events.  I had dreams.  Demon possessed people fled from me holding their ears when I proclaimed the truth.  I saw provision come when there was none to be found.  I snuck Bibles into Communist countries without incident.

It was all so exhilarating…and real.   It was…

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22 09 2013

Yep, hit the nail right on the head with this one. People crave for visible signs of miracles and wonders, and are encouraged when they see it. But Jesus said
“Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29)

How wonderful that we can trust in Him even when we don’t see!

22 09 2013

I agree. I’m especially thankful for this truth right now. This summer has been wild and crazy – not the usual laid back that I’ve grown accustomed to. Once in a while I remind myself that things are good between God and I…simply because I am in Christ. What a relief that is!


22 09 2013
Prodigal Chick

I completely relate to this!! Been there and my faith is stronger for it….so not fun during the silent times but nothing that is easy in life is rewarding or lasting! Loved this post!

22 09 2013

It’s a good reminder to me as well. Emotions are fickle.


22 09 2013
Prodigal Chick

Aren’t they though!! Emotions spell a mess!!

22 09 2013


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