Do You Have Comfortable Shoes?

22 09 2013

Pass your shoes around. We love comfortable shoes! \o/


Sitting at a local restaurant, fiddling with my computer, trying to get the WIFI going, I noticed the woman seated at the table next to mine.woman-eating-alone

She was in her mid-twenties, eating lunch alone, reading a book.

I was at the restaurant to meet someone for the first time. We had connected in a round about way and found a way to get together though we live over two hours apart. I wanted to hear about her Women’s Conference Ministry in India and show her some things about her blog. As she shared stories of our Father’s loving provision and His detailed protection during her trips, our hearts were knit together.  Chills ran down my arms as she related an account of God healing a woman with head and neck injuries. She spoke of the joy in the faces of the older women as they played party games for the first time in their lives. Greatly persecuted for their Christian…

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2 responses

22 09 2013

Great post. Thank you for reblogging!

22 09 2013

I absolutely loved this one. 🙂

I have a draft file entitled “Keepers.” I paste the URLs for special posts like this one so I can easily find them and read them again at another time.


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