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21 09 2013

Here’s some helpful information about linking your blog to your gravatar. Thanks, Coastal Mom for sharing this post! \o/

No Stolen Cat Pictures

[Special note: the title of this article should be spelled “Gravatar Links” with no “i” in the first word. I would correct this but then people who have already linked to it would end up with dead links. I choose fame over correctness!]

I promised someone that I would show her how to add a link to her blog on her Gravatar page so that anywhere her Gravatar is people can easily go to her blog. I thought it best to make a little video showing exactly how to do this so there is no doubt how to go about it. Click in if you would like to watch.

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2 responses

21 09 2013

Tami, He’s a great teacher 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

21 09 2013

You’re welcome. The info was helpful to me – and figured there might be some others for whom it gave assistance as well. Many times I click on a gravatar, only to discover that there isn’t a link to their blog. The hassle of finding them is enough to deter me from finding their blog. 😦


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