19 09 2013

Sign me up for this campaign! Don’t miss No Pew’s short – but excellent – post! \o/


Margaret found this on Facebook. I do not know who to credit as that information was not attached, but since this was a year of many mosquitoes I thought I would share it with you.

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6 responses

22 09 2013

Nice on, very funny:)

22 09 2013

🙂 Too cute to pass up, I thought!


21 09 2013

Just love the mosquito pic, gonna have to repost it on my FB thanx john 🙂

20 09 2013
Steven Sawyer

Love it. I’m copying it and reposting it myself.

20 09 2013

🙂 A little lighthearted fun for today, I think.


20 09 2013
Steven Sawyer

That happens to be my favorite song.

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