Confessions of an unbelieving believer

15 09 2013

Do you agree with the Bible 100%? Do you believe it 100% – now that is the question. Enjoy this thought-provoking article by Mel…his is an excellent blog, by the way. Spend some time reading his other posts.
May the Lord’s face shine brightly upon you today. \o/

In My Father's House

Confession“What do you do that an atheist can’t do?” This was the beginning of a conversation I had with God a few years ago. Did you ever notice that whenever God asks you a question, He’s not looking for information? Actually, it’s usually the beginning of revelation…for me. And I was about to get a big one.

Now, I didn’t perceive any rebuke or condemning tone in the voice. More that of a gentle loving father. But as the leader of a local church, He had my attention. At this point in the conversation, I was sure there was plenty that I could do that an atheist couldn’t do. Of course, I was about to have my world turned upside down.

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4 responses

15 09 2013

Yes, loved this post. What a great challenge to examine whether we really believe what we profess to believe… and if so why aren’t we living it. Makes me realize I need to look at everything differently.

16 09 2013

me too. it’s easy to forget that the Bible is full of truth that we can put our full weight on.

Just today: Do I live like I believe that Jesus loves me? Mmm…sadly, no. Mostly I default to the belief that He’s angry with me and waiting for me to blow it. Be so thankful when I outgrow that. 😐


15 09 2013
Planting Potatoes

was very much blessed by this post…so glad you shared it, thanks!

15 09 2013

You’re welcome!


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