A Widow’s Home

14 09 2013

There’s nothing like a mission trip to a third-world country to give a great appreciation for all we have. I had to choose one story from this sister’s experience in order to reblog, so I chose this one. A close second was “Seeing God.” When you get to her site, check out all the photos. Honduras is a beautiful country! (And this is a small blog).
Enjoy! \o/

Heart to Honduras: An Adventure for Christ

Over the course of 6 and a half weeks in Honduras, I saw several good changes in the lives of the people there.

I saw a dirt floor in a home changed to a concrete one.


I saw this pila:


And the new one the family just was provided with:


I saw a plain baby room with almost no toys in a government run home changed to a decorative, fun room with many things to play with.

I saw a boy who was almost always high on drugs start a journey to be free from drugs.

I saw three families without good homes receive new houses that will help protect them from the elements.

Yet, there are many changes that I wish would happen.

That the people with dirt floors would all have new concrete floors.

That the boys addicted to drugs would all be freed from that.

That theā€¦

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