More Gleanings – Equipping the Saints

12 09 2013

When it comes to engaging the enemy, I am not one to go looking for a fight. Through the series You Need To Read This, please note that God brought the battle to our home!

Likewise, if you are made aware of demonic activity, it is the Lord’s invitation to join Him in His work. We are, after all, His body. If we don’t allow Him to work through us, the work goes undone. It’s freaky, it gets a little weird, but your respect and admiration for the immense love Jesus has for us will grow by leaps and bounds in the process. It’s worth it!

I know that spiritual warfare can’t be reduced to five points and a poem. However, I believe there are some things that can be gleaned from what happened. In this post, I will continue to boil down each of those chapters to simplest terms that have value as far as application goes. After all, if there’s no takeaway, then all I’ve done is provide you with a thriller. You can read Stephen King for that!

Coincidence is not a Kosher word. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ll need this information. Nothing happens by chance in God’s Kingdom.

Oh, and I do not claim to be an expert, merely to have limited experience with this – and hope it will be of use to others. We are supposed to equip the saints. That’s my desire.

(If you missed the first part of this break-down, you can read it here: Gleaned Lessons.)

Part 5 – Stranger Than Fiction:

As I stated above, we didn’t go looking for trouble, God brought it to us. He didn’t choose us because we were able, but because we were available. He equipped us and guided us every step of the way.

Ask the Lord to give you discernment. Note the things the demonized person says. There are many clues and hints to be received in what information is shared, but you’ll have to sift through the lies the enemy is feeding them – which is why you asked for discernment.

Note any other people in the demonized person’s party. Watch for strange interaction between them. In our case, it was some sort of attachment between father and son (a two-year-old, no less…that ticked me off!). These will also need to be dealt with. Ask for knowledge and wisdom; knowledge about what’s going on, wisdom to know what to do with the knowledge you’re given.

Be strong and very courageous. This is no time to go “belly up.” Remember: The battle is not yours, but God’s…and He is always victorious!

If possible, take a few minutes to be “prayed up;” confess anything that the Spirit brings to mind.

Part 6 – There Will Be More Than One:

You have two weapons in your arsenal. Wield them with confidence, and use them liberally: The Name of Jesus, and The Power of His Shed Blood. These were the only two things I knew to say. After while I began to feel like a broken record. However, not once did these two statements fail to bring results.

Call for back-up…know who can and will support you in advance…locate them NOW, so you’re not having to sift through a lot of “armchair quarterbacks” when you need a real one!

When you call them, be sure you actually ask them to help you. I described what I was observing to the two people I called, but never asked them to come to our aid. Don’t expect them to offer to jump in. No one in their right mind does so. 😉

God does not give us a spirit of fear. The fear that tries to overtake you in situations like this is not from Him, but can cripple you if you don’t recognize it as the enemy’s attempt to disable you…so he can hang onto his hostage.

The demonized person is a prisoner of war, and not the enemy. To become angry with the person for being taken captive is pointless. The Bible uses words like snare and trap to describe demonization. He was tricked into taking bait that led to his current state. You can deal with how he was tricked later. For now, compassion for the person is key. If you’re going to be angry, be angry with the one who laid the trap.

Continue to ask the Lord to send support troops, and don’t insist on running the show. Follow the Lord’s leading. If the situation is removed from your hands for a while, enjoy the breather, and pray for those who are involved.

I had to give an abbreviated version of our episode. I made notes throughout and typed them up immediately afterward so I would have a record of what happened. To tell the entire story would have taken a couple of months!

One thing I did not talk about was a third man who joined the deacon and elder out back while demons were being dismissed from Brandon. The fellow suffered many “terror” attacks and nightmares for weeks afterward. You need faith-filled, Spirit-led people, not “Looky-Loos;” they can become a problem, or as in this case develop problems of their own as a result of their involvement. Use discernment.

Worship music seemed to keep demons at bay. This is good when you need a break – but causes them to hide. That’s not helpful when you’re trying to evict them.

Discernment: The fellows at the church thought they were through and went home. Once Brandon was brought out of the music-filled worship center, though, it became obvious that there was more work to do.

Do not lose heart. Our episode lasted five days. It was important for me to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, not on the circumstance. Jesus said, “Let’s go to the other side;” not, “Let’s go to the middle of the lake and be drowned.” We had to keep that in mind when what we were doing didn’t seem to be effective.


Look for further gleanings tomorrow. At the end of the final installment, I’ll give a list of resources we found helpful.

As ambassadors for the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:20), we may be called into service the likes of which we’ve never known. When He was here on earth, He did this sort of thing. It should come as no surprise to Believers – His body – that He wants to continue this work through us.

The Lord bless you in your service to Him. 

Woohoo! What a ride! 🙂




2 responses

13 09 2013

Tami, Thanks so much for taking this whole account a step further and giving us the tools for action. I pray I will never need them, but like you said, often it comes to you. The bottom line as always is To God be the Glory!

13 09 2013

Yeah, I want Him to get ALL the glory – I can’t “save” anyone, only He can. 🙂


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