Spiritual Warfare and our Authourity in Christ

11 09 2013

If you have any experience with spiritual warfare – threats by the enemy, invasion of dreams, etc. Would you please take time to read Reilly’s post and give him some input?

If this is not your thing – please pass.

He needs help from those who’ve been in the trenches and can give him a few pointers. Thank you in advance for equipping this young saint. Read his blog, you’ll see that he is a Joshua in the making.

Your sister in Christ,



Praising Jesus who gave us the armor -and the authority over all the power of the evil one!

Small Student, Big God

This may sound crazy. Still, if you have been a Christian for a long time, I would love for you to give me feedback and knowledge on this topic. I am confused, and somewhat frightened. This post may not have the poise of a beautifully constructed essay.

Every month or so, I will get a dream that shakes me to the core of my being – I had another one of these last night. In these dreams, unclean spirits attack me, and occasionally loved ones). It is incredibly difficult to explain how it feels (and I do feel it vividly, as real life); I am simply aware of their presence and filled with utter dread.

Last night I feel as though I was attacked as many as ten times throughout the night. What makes these dreams so interesting is that I always use my authourity in Christ in response. Every…

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