An inspiring story

8 09 2013

When God wants to reach a Muslim family, He sends Nick. What a fantastic opportunity he had to share the love of the Lord with this family due to his own uniqueness. Enjoy this story! \o/

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Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs, but he hasn’t let it stop him from changing lives — one young life in particular.

The Christian evangelist and motivational speaker left a speaking engagement in Kuala Lumpur and was driving to his next destination, when he met an unexpected friend. A Malaysian Muslim couple had driven seven hours to see him, patiently waiting to meet him with their young daughter who also was born without limbs.

He related the story of “divine appointment” on his Facebook page:

Friends, I have an incredible story to share about a family I met in Kuala Lumpur.

When they heard I would be speaking in Kuala Lumpur, they drove seven hours to come try and meet me, only to arrive and find the speaking event was already filled. After patiently waiting more than 4 hours for us to leave the venue, they managed to…

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5 responses

9 09 2013

What an inspiration Nick is! Thank you for sharing this story. 🙂

9 09 2013

I love to see what the Lord does with Nick. Oh that we would understand that what we see as problems opens doors to others’ hearts.


8 09 2013

Wonderful story! Praise God! Namaste. . . .

8 09 2013

What we see as shortcomings, God sees as an opportunity-giving characteristic that will open doors that would otherwise remain shut. Isn’t He good?


8 09 2013

Amen! Namaste. . . .

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