Our Tenacious Enemy

4 09 2013

In the morning, Beth called the hospitals and learned that Brandon had been admitted at around 4 a.m. She went to the hospital to see what was going on.

It turned out that he’d been reported as a prowler, and picked up by the police at around 3:40 a.m. – the same time that Landon woke up in terror.

Without any identification on Brandon, the hospital didn’t know how to contact us. They ran a CT scan, which showed brain damage to the frontal lobe. The blood tests revealed a low potassium level. He was admitted to the hospital so his potassium level could be corrected and more tests run.

After Beth arrived and ID’d Brandon, they ran an MRI. His doctor wanted to know if he was a cage fighter or boxer. He told Beth that an injury he’d received at some earlier point in his life had caused the frontal lobe of his brain to die. He went on to say that the damage was irreversible and would require long-term care for Brandon. At the same time, his EEG and spinal tap results, however, were within normal limits.

The only problem with the doctor’s diagnosis was that Brandon had never sustained any such injury!

“Oh, Bethy. That’s just a big ol’ demon butt. Jesus is going to make him go away. You’ll see,” I told her, with more faith in this truth than in my own existence.

On Monday or Tuesday, four women from our church’s prayer team came over and prayed over our home, and for each person present. They let us know that they would continue to hold us up in prayer until the issue was resolved.

Beth went to the hospital several times each day. How thankful we were that the pediatrician had Beth supplement the baby’s diet with formula. Teaching a new baby to drink from a bottle isn’t fun. This would have made things very difficult for those of us who had to care for Jordyn that week. The Lord had graciously provided for this in advance. Feeding her wasn’t a problem.

On Wednesday morning, four of us went to the hospital to pray over Brandon again. As I prepared to go, I wondered if I should take anointing oil or my prayer shawl. I sensed the Lord say that this was a bad idea – and could be construed as some sort of potion or talisman in Brandon’s confused state.

When we arrived, Brandon was awake, but unwilling to talk much. We asked if we could pray for him, and he nodded in assent. About an hour later, we sensed that we were finished.

Just as we were saying our “good-byes,” Brandon’s doctor bustled into the room and demanded to know who we were.

With an angry look on his face, he said firmly, “You people need to leave. I need to talk to my patient.”

We took only a few steps away before the doctor loudly confronted Brandon:

“Who are those people? I don’t know what they think they are doing, but they can’t help you. What’s this all about, anyway, demons or devils or something like that? Prayer isn’t going to help; you need the medicine I ordered for you.”

Just on the other side of the curtain, I began to speak out loud – good and loud, “You’ve got to be kidding me. We’re not even out of the field and the birds are here to steal away the seeds we’ve sown.”

I gathered the others back to the door, and we began to pray against the doctor, asking that his words would be jumbled and fall to the ground. We asked the Lord to keep Brandon from understanding anything the doctor was saying to him.

As soon as the doctor left, we went back to Brandon’s bedside and told him, “Disregard everything that man just said. He is not speaking truth to you.”

We hugged him, set his Bible on the bedside table, and left.

Once I reached my car, I began to call on the Lord.

“Jesus, what did we miss? Why is he still demonized? Where did we go wrong? You know that if You let Brandon take even one of that doctor’s pills, and he shows the slightest bit of improvement, that doctor will get Your glory. 

“That cannot be permitted!

“You’ve got to keep that doctor away from Brandon; in fact,

You’ve got to get Brandon out of that hospital!”

We serve a mighty God! This story begins here: You Need to Read This

Part 2: Faith Like Potatoes

Part 3: Get Me Out of Here

Part 4: Where God Guides

Part 5: Stranger Than Fiction

Part 6: There Will Be More Than One

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12 responses

4 09 2013
Heidi Viars

This is an amazing testimony … thanks for sharing it and encouraging us to stand our ground … I wonder if, when you get up in the morning, the enemy says, “oh no, she is up!” 🙂

5 09 2013

The battle begins right now before I ever get up. I’m being smacked on many sides. Prayer would be appreciated!

He doesn’t take being exposed lying down…ever.


5 09 2013
Heidi Viars

I will pray for you today!

5 09 2013

Thank you very much!!! 🙂


4 09 2013

that’s sad Tami… but he’s the one that’s lost… Your faith is power and no weapon that’s formed against God, will not gain ground!

4 09 2013

That was just one of the weird parts of this whole thing. If someone else were to relay this story to me, I don’t know that I’d believe them!!


4 09 2013

You need our doctor! While I don’t know that he would agree with everything, he would join in prayer with you.

4 09 2013

Are you kidding? I didn’t agree with everything. This was as bizarre as my life has EVER gotten. We just prayed and obeyed. What else do you do in such a case?

BTW, the other woman who came to the hospital to pray is a flight RN (helicopter transport), and works at that facility.

Gotta’ love a doctor who prays with/for his patients! You’re fortunate.


4 09 2013
JS Park

Having some slight experience in the medical field, I can tell you that this doctor is being unethical and going against everything they teach.
Also, I laughed at demon butt.

4 09 2013



4 09 2013
Prodigal Chick

Awesome!! You were alert and prepared! I love how you stood firm with the doctor and recognized the false medic report and how vital it is for the patient to not let the rotten seeds in. You were Brandon’s angel that day!! I’m not against doctors or medicine but when you are dealing with the devil you have to be very close and in tuned with The Lord, otherwise the doctors chase after and treat those lying demons instead of exposing them. Good job Tami!!!! Glory to God!!!!

4 09 2013

I never in all my life met a doctor who was so hostile to prayer. I was astonished. We continue to pray for him – and for whoever it was that he brought in to chant over Brandon. That was just bizarre!


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