Not Over Yet!

3 09 2013

{Relax, Mom Barbara – this happened in Sept. of 2011. Steve is safe :)}

When my husband got Brandon back to our home, he was behaved like a three-year-old. He got into everything and ran around the house. We tried to get him to lie down and take a nap, but to no avail.

Although we were a little distressed that Brandon still seemed to be demonized, his antics gave some comic relief to the situation.

We were certain that he needed some rest after the morning’s events. Beth took him to the bedroom and tucked him in. He immediately pulled the pillow over his eyes, the blanket up to his nose, and peeked out at us like a playful child.

We returned to the living room, and chuckled about his behavior. We barely got seated when we heard the soft “plink, plink” of the piano in the bedroom. I went to the door and scolded him. I told him to get his little butt back into bed before he got a spanking. He giggled, and plopped back on the bed.

Back in the kitchen, we ate some lunch, then realized that Brandon was probably hungry as well. He’d eaten a sandwich at church – the first meal he’d had since their arrival two days prior. We brought him to the table. He took a couple of bites of his food and spit it back onto the plate.

Suddenly, he ran to the bathroom and emptied the contents of his stomach.

We got him to lie down for a little while after that.

About an hour later, Brandon got up. He walked to where I stood by the front door, and wrapped me in a big hug. He thanked me for what we were doing and began to sob. The sobs turned into a great heaving of his chest – a horrible sound to behold.

“Whoever you are, in the Name of Jesus, and by the power of His shed blood, you have to leave this house.”

As the demon left, Brandon collapsed to the floor.

“Oh, God!” I cried out to the Lord, “Did I kill him?”

I knelt next to Brandon and began to stroke his head while I recited the ninety-first Psalm. He seemed better after that.

The rest of the afternoon, he and I sat at the kitchen table. We talked and prayed.

At one point, he put his hand behind my neck and pulled my face close to his. He peered intently into my eyes; a menacing look on his face.

I calmly stated, “Brandon, this is going to be good because

Jesus is always victorious!”

He snapped back to what seemed to be normal, gave my neck a light squeeze, and then let go.

A little while later, he placed his hand on my knee and began to squeeze.

I looked at him and said,

“I’m the blood-bought daughter of the Lord Most High. You cannot hurt me.”

“That’s right,” he said with an evil grin, and let go.

We moved into the kitchen. I began to tell Brandon about how God healed my back injury from when I was nineteen. With a look of astonishment, he stated that his back no longer hurt.

This was amazing. Since his first hip surgery three years prior, he’d been in continual pain. I recalled the numerous times he’d collapsed at the church – and again at home. I was astonished, and wondered if the spiritual battle had masked the pain and would return once this fight was over.

Prayer and conversation continued the rest of the evening. We were amazed that Landon left his father alone, and that both of the children seemed oblivious to what was taking place before their very eyes.

God is so good!

At about ten p.m., Brandon and I went outside to continue our conversation without distractions. He was very distraught that he didn’t have the Bible completely figured out. I explained that it is a really big book, and would take many years of study to have a grasp of it.

He sobbed, “I don’t have to get it figured out right now? Oh, thank you, thank you!”

Without warning, he stood up and walked down the sidewalk toward the road. He’d done this several times since their arrival, so I thought nothing of it and waited for his return.

After about five minutes, I realized that he wasn’t coming back. I sensed the Lord tell me to let him go.

At eleven p.m., we all went to bed. Brandon, however, had not returned.

I woke up at midnight and went out front to pray for him.

At three-forty a.m., Landon sat bolt upright in his bed and began to cry, “I’m scared. I’m scared.” His mom cuddled him until he finally fell asleep.

We serve a mighty God! This story begins here: You Need to Read This

Part 2: Faith Like Potatoes

Part 3: Get Me Out of Here

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12 responses

7 09 2013

You’re right. This is definitely on the weirdometer…wow. My heart is racing & I see some similarities in your story & a few things about my friend’s situation that I wrote in my comment on your first post about this. Including one day, my friend’s husband looked into her eyes & said “you are really beautiful.” Then shook his head & said “it wasn’t me that said that. It was another entity.” Freaked her out. And now especially, I’m pretty freaked out…..there’s a lot more that has gone on in that house & that relationship than this comment. I feel waaaay over my head.

3 09 2013
Sheryl Wright Stinchcum

Good writing!

4 09 2013

Thanks, Sheryl.


3 09 2013

Dear, in the Caribbean islands etc, voodoo, satanic worship, similar expressions of worshiping is common.. I came close to these things especially because my dad thought these things would heal us from our muscular dystrophy ~ Thank God above HE walked into our life and, healed our faith and hope, humbling us to accept His will. Great writing ! Inspirational !

3 09 2013

Wow! We run into this sort of thing in Nicaragua, too. Last year we had some guy show up at the hospital and begin to chant over our patients and the children. We stood in prayer against whatever it was he was saying. It was bizarre. Like I said, over the top on my “weird-o-meter!’ I see more of this sort of thing in the US as well – we just “medicate” it as bipolar or schizophrenia and never consider if it could be anything else. Sad.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your story. I’m glad your story has a “But God…” in it. That always ends well. 🙂


3 09 2013
walter bright

Hey Tami,Incredible testimonies here… stay blessed!

3 09 2013

This episode took my faith out of my Bible and put it into my everyday life. Jesus used this and some other experiences to take my faith out of my Bible and put it into my everyday life. There’s a BIG difference between the two. 🙂


3 09 2013

Oh’ my… what a story Tami! you know I grew up in Africa. I know what you’re describing 1st hand. The books you’re referencing on demon possession/opression are a thousand % accurate. I’m so glad you’ve seen and experienced this 1st hand. Most believers don’t think these things exist anymore.



3 09 2013

Once was enough for me!

The battle continues on a new level. Please pray for this family! 🙂

Praising Jesus who is always victorious!

3 09 2013

You’re a true woman of God Tami… you really are!

3 09 2013

I feel like an impostor most days. 😉


3 09 2013

Another cliff hanger Tami!

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