Where’s God on The List?

31 08 2013

Priorities are important. Where is God on your list?
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This post is a result of something I experienced in earlier days.  I was a fundamentalist and the emphasis at this particular place and time was: “Put God First.”  So people were encouraged to “make a list.”  [not to be confused with a “bucket list.”  My such list only has one item: don’t kick it! 🙂 ]

So, people would make their list.  Something like this:

1.  God
2.  Family
3.  Work
4.  Recreation
5.  Finances
6.  Etc., etc.

However, it seemed to me at the time that “putting God first” simply meant that you went to church on Sunday, not missing Sunday School, because that’s where the numbers were counted, and you put your tithe into the offering plate.  After that, you were more or less free and clear to do as you wished with the rest of the list because you “had put God first.”

Even then, and…

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