Do We Trust More in God or the Devil?

26 08 2013

Yay! Joy of Nine9 posted this article on her blog. You can read it here: Do We Trust More in God or the Devil?

I especially liked this quote:

I once attended a retreat where a Madonna House priest, actually Archbishop Raya, the Archbishop of Lebanon, said something like this:

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because Jesus will wash you clean and then tell you to go play again. He does not say, “Stand in the corner and don’t you dare get dirty again.” Just like a mother, he bathes a dirty child and then tells him to go outside and play again.

Trust more in God’s power to guide than the Devil’s to deceive.




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29 08 2013
Don’t be Afraid of Making Mistakes | Faith In Motion

[…] Quote found here. […]

26 08 2013
melanie jean juneau

thank-you yet are so generous

26 08 2013

🙂 This message was of great importance to me. Too often I allow the enemy to shut me down and keep me silent because of past blunders. It is time to take the authority given by our Lord Jesus and stop listening to the lies of the enemy.

I needed this message – and I’m thankful to have it on my blog where I can review it often. Thank you so much for sharing it.


27 08 2013
melanie jean juneau

it shook me as well- truth has a habit of doing that

26 08 2013

You’re right – this is a great post. Wish I could “Like” or comment on it, but it appears I have to be a member of the blogsite first … and I have enough passwords to remember, thank you very much… !

26 08 2013

Yeah, I know. Joy of Nine9 has two WordPress blogs, too. There are many other fantastic posts there.

I wasn’t sure if WordCasters would let the public view articles there. Thanks for letting me know!


26 08 2013
Heather Marsten

I love this – it is true – if we are trying to serve Him with our whole heart and we make a mistake, He will wash us clean and send us outside to “play” or try again. Good post.

26 08 2013

That really touched my heart – which is why I had to share it. 🙂


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