How much time in every day do we really live?

18 08 2013

God gave us many promises; tomorrow isn’t one of them. Read this powerful post by Tric. \o/

My thoughts on a page.

How much of every day do we really live?photo credit: <a href="">eliazar</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Will there come a time when we regret,
the moments, minutes, hours or days,
that we wasted in our lives?

As a nurse, I became very aware,
that time is precious.
When I was working in accident and emergency,
I would drive to work,
knowing that in some homes,
the day ahead would change their world.
For some that morning would be their last.
For others life would never be the same again.

When I first walked out onto a ward,
and saw people of all ages,
with life threatening conditions,
I feared illness.
My friends and I would talk together.
We would hope,
that when our time ran out,
that it would do so in a sudden unannounced bang!

Then illness came knocking on my door.
My 52 year old Dad was diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease.
No treatment, no…

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