DAY 223

18 08 2013

Free will – forgiveness is a choice. Read this amazing story of grace turned down…then poke around. You’ll find much food for thought from Journey of Thankfulness! \o/


Have you ever heard the story of George Wilson? The man who refused the pardon? No? Okay here’s a little history lesson for you (for free, don’t get too excited). In 1829 George Wilson and James Porter were arrested for robbing the mail and for “putting the life of the driver in danger”. Note no one died. The driver was endangered, but not harmed. What was the punishment? Death by hanging (yikes!!!!). The date for execution was set to take place 6 months after the trial in 1829. James Porter was executed as scheduled, however, George Wilson was not. Why? The reason was two pronged, one Wilson had very influential friends (which makes me wonder why he robbed  trains????), and two the public opinion on execution was growing negative. Therefore President Andrew Jackson granted George Wilson a Presidential pardon. Here’s the kicker, Wilson refused the pardon! Yes, you read right…

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