Thought of The Week “Wrecked for the Ordinary”

11 08 2013

A wreck isn’t something we think of as good. Read this article and discover why God’s ways are higher than ours – and being wrecked is a good thing! \o/


To be “wrecked” is to be disabused of the status quo. It means to have a redemptive transformation,
often catalyzed by a brush with the pain of a dying world. The process is anything but pretty.
It’s harsh and real and painfully honest. Finding out who you are and what your place is feels like
a sweater unwinding thread-by-thread. Your old life begins to make less and less sense in light
of your new priorities, and it seems futile to rebuild the old way of living.

At first, it’s disorienting—maybe even distracting. It calls out of you the greatest parts of you—
the parts you might be afraid to let out.

To be wrecked begins with an experience. It pulls you out of your comfort zone and, consequently,
out of self-centeredness. Whether you want it or not, this is what happens—your old narcissistic
dreams begin to fade in light of…

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6 responses

11 08 2013

I’ve been understanding that if we keep the eternal perspective thru challenges, we can hear within the holy Voice speaking ~ all is still well, trust me; I’ll take you to no road in where I’ve not been through.”

11 08 2013

Yes, we sure can. The first year I went to Nicaragua my identity as my title was “wrecked.” The second year, my understanding of God’s abilities was “wrecked” when a baby was raised from the dead (about a 15,000 on my weird-o-meter!), and many other miracles took place…not “normal” for the medical trips. The third year I was “wrecked” over how incredibly blessed we are in the US and learned that I should take nothing for granted.

Here’s one example from those trips of what you said about hearing the holy Voice speaking:…-world-country/. Since then, I listen more attentively!

Thanks for your comment!

11 08 2013

Oh my! Unbelievable dear! And we’re astonished by walking on water! Truly Nothing is impossible with God! What an abounding testimony you have dear sister ! God has encircling you!

11 08 2013

Oh, to trust Him more. He amazes me with His love and compassion every day!


11 08 2013
Prodigal Chick

Wow I needed this today!! On the heals of 2 years of overwhelming life disasters I just got home from hospital with my husband whom lost his finger in a freak situational accident and of course it is the worst possible timing. I know everything happens for a good reason in gods economy and I keep telling myself keep calm and level on this one but I have to tell you it is a great challenge for me today! Thank you for this most needed message today!

11 08 2013

Wow. So sorry to hear about your husband. Are you guys okay?


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