Help Wanted

6 08 2013

This might be of interest to many of you… \o/

A Needed Word

Do you need another outlet? A Needed Word has openings for writing / graphic authors to contribute! The requirements are very simple, an ability to post a thought or verse based on the Bible, or Christian Foundations. Something thought provoking, inspiring, comforting or all of the above! Preferably with added graphics. If you are interested leave a note in the comments section, or if you know someone who might be, send them the link or email the post. God bless you!

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3 responses

6 08 2013
melanie jean juneau

I would love to contribute.

7 08 2013

Great! Contact them. They’ve gotten many requests – and it appears to be a new blog.


6 08 2013

Follow many of your favorite authors from our neighborhood as we all gather under one banner on A Needed Word ( You’ll find Toni Sprandel and Prodigal Chick there!


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