Which Voice?

3 08 2013

Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice…and He leads them…

Here’s a great analogy of what that looks like in action. Enjoy this story by Kathleen. Don’t forget to poke around on her blog, she has many great articles.



It didn’t look that high. I’m in pretty good shape, so I thought I’d hang with the kids and tackle that rock wall. I had no idea. My stubbornness got me to the top, but I haven’t been tempted to do that again.

rock wall

Likewise, rope courses are really popular around here. Youth groups and sports teams use them to build trust and to bond. They are actually so prevalent that the kids think they’re no big deal. Realizing this, a local pastor decided to put a new twist on it.

rope course

Gathering the youth group around the course, he selected two to head up to the starting point. Once there, one of the youths put a blindfold on the other. He was going to do this course alone and in the dark. From below the challenge was given. He wouldn’t be left completely on his own; Mary was going to give…

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