Hey! Who’s Flying This Thing?

29 07 2013

If you’re ever in a Cessna 150 or 172, and the pilot/co-pilot become disabled due to an emergency, I’m you’re “go-to” guy… er, girl! Well, not in a 150 – it’s a two-seater. If both the pilot and co-pilot are out of commission, well, you’re out of luck because you’re one or the other…and there’s no room for me!

Who in their right mind allows a person who is “two sheets to the wind” take a written examination for a pilot’s license? You might as well turn a child loose on a rifle range as to give a drunk a pilot’s license. When I showed up at the Flight Service Station to take the three-hour test, I could barely walk. I’d blacked out the night before and woke up in time to run a brush through my hair and drive to the testing site.

I completed the examination in forty-five minutes.

When I handed my test to the woman at the front desk, she said, “You have another couple of hours to complete the test,” her face soft with compassion.

“Thanks, but I don’t need more time. Bye!” I slurred, and drove home.

A few weeks later, my test results arrived – a 96%! Go figure.

Shortly after that, I got pregnant and my flying career was over, but thirty-five years later I remember most of what I learned. I could land your airplane in an emergency!

I always thought I’d get back to flying again, but alas, it was not meant to be.

There’s a bumper sticker I see from time to time that reads: “God is my Co-pilot.” I feel sorry for the person if that’s how they really run their life. Having tried out the pilot’s seat – as well as the co-pilot’s and navigator’s, spiritually speaking, I’ve decided that I don’t even want to be in the cockpit.

Giving up the title, “Pilot,” and the prestige that went with believing I was in control was very hard. Giving up second in command was equally difficult. Moving out of the cockpit all together…hmm…that took great courage. From the passenger section I can’t even see where we’re going, but have to trust the Flight Crew.

The more I study Jesus, the more I realize that this is exactly what He is asking me to do…become a “flight attendant.” As such, my job is to serve others, and let the Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Navigator worry about getting everyone on board to our destination.

Without continual input from the “Flight Service Station,” I must rely on communication from my Pilot to know when the air is going to become unstable so I can be prepared.

My focus is those who have been given into my care. I must pass out cups of cold water and little bags with eight peanuts in them…something to give a bit of sustenance during their flight. Depending on the time of day, sometimes it is my responsibility to feed them.

There will be times when I must be kind and courteous to the impatient, the self-centered, and the drunk. I’m expected to roll up my sleeves and clean up messes others make…and their barf, too. It’s part of the calling of a flight attendant!

I don’t ever want to take a plane where the flight attendants are inaccessible because they’re trying to take over the cockpit.

And I don’t want to fly through life with my work undone because I’m trying to tell God how to get me home!


(Thanks to Rick Alvey at iLife Journey for the inspiration for this post. Drop by for a visit. You’ll be thankful you did!)




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30 07 2013

Great message Tami! You caught my attention when I saw Cessna 150, which my father-in-law had many years ago, when my hubby and I were newly married, and the way you showed the relationship between being a flight attendant and a follower of Christ was spot-on! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

Love you,

30 07 2013

Thanks. I got the inspiration from a post I read last week. The flight attendant angle was really neat, I thought.


29 07 2013

I am so blessed to have the ability to follow you on WP as your Blogging helps me in every aspect of my life! Thank you from the heart!

29 07 2013


thanks. 🙂


29 07 2013
Toni Sprandel

Love this post, my sister at age 55 just got her wings! She is officially a flight attendant and I had to giggle about cleaning up after people! I will let her know to stay out of the cockpit!

29 07 2013



29 07 2013

Ha, this is good…especially the little bags with ‘eight’ peanuts 🙂

But seriously, I’ve heard this analogy made with the concept of being in the back of a limo and allowing God to drive. When He stops and opens the door we go out and do whatever He says then get back in and be driven to the next assignment; of His choosing.

I love this one a little better because of the concept of serving others while in flight and before we touch down…

Blessings to you my sister

29 07 2013

Thanks for your comment. 🙂


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