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27 07 2013

How did John know what was said between Jesus and the woman at the well?

He’d been sent into the village to get food for the Master. This means that John was nowhere near as the two of them talked – and yet he wrote an account of their meeting.

The information would have come from Jesus.

I’m betting that Jesus did not relate all of the details, but only what needed to be told for the purpose of including it in the Bible. What He disclosed about this woman was public knowledge.

As I consider this story in an actual setting, I’m thinking that there was plenty said between the two of them that went unreported. It took a while for the disciples to travel into town, buy a meal, and walk back to the well where they’d left their Leader. What’s written in John 4 could have been said and done in less than five minutes!

That’s so like Jesus!

…Whatever it was He wrote in the dirt of the synagogue floor remains undisclosed as well.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

One thing we do know, He showed up in her history…told her that He knew about her five failed marriages and current “shack-up”, too.

That’s how He rolls.

Once we know that Jesus was present all along, we are changed.

The same thing happened to Nathaniel as well (John 1:45 – 51). All Jesus did was tell Nathaniel that he was sitting under a fig tree when Philip invited him to “come and see the Man.” What Jesus said was, “Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.”


Nathaniel followed Jesus for the rest of his life – and was martyred for his beliefs!

This can happen to you!

When Jesus shows up during a counseling session, people get healed. They do not just learn techniques that allow them to experience “tolerable” relief; wholeness is restored!

I don’t find a Biblical model for a lifetime of meetings and support groups; nor for years of therapy to make life more manageable.

For years I went through psychoanalysis of one sort or another, rehashing trauma and abuse and having everything explained to me…why I felt the way I did, why they did what they did, what I could do to manage my symptoms, and so forth. Week after week, painful memories were stirred up. I left feeling as bad as when I went in. This left me in a state of feeling like a perpetual victim – and nothing changed. So long as I “worked my program,” I did “better”. If I stopped, it wasn’t very long before I was back to using my coping mechanisms.

Jesus did not send one person to physical therapy, or set them up with a “rest of your life” recovery group.

Real, deep, lasting healing took place.

As promised in Out Of The Dark And Into The Light, here are some resources for those who suffer from deep emotional pain, and those who minister to them. I couldn’t merely tell you that I was healed without showing you how to receive this for yourself or those you work with. 🙂

The first step I would recommend is  Seven Steps to Freedom in Christ by Neil T. Anderson. There are so many different ways we can open up our lives to interference by our enemy. This prayer counseling session is an excellent way to expose them as well as unholy agreements we’ve made along life’s journey.

Examples of the latter would be: “I’m never going to let anyone get close enough to hurt me again,” or “That’s it. I’ll never trust anyone again.” Obviously, these are going to be an issue in marriage and other close relationships, leaving us lonely and “on the outside looking in.”

Next, the kind of healing I shared in my story comes, in part, from Edward Smith’s teaching. You can read about this type of ministery here: Healing Life’s Hurts  Through Theophostic Prayer by Edward Smith. This is a highly effective form of counseling that invites the Holy Spirit to lead the sessions, bringing up the things He wants to heal.

The term “Theophostic” is made up. It is a combination of two Greek words: “Theos” – God; and “Phos” – Light. It is the light of God shining into the heart, mind, and soul of a person that brings true and lasting healing.

For most people, there was a “first time” event; after that the other were “like” the first time. For instance, the first sexual assault, first physical abuse, first abandonment. After that, the next time is like what was experienced before. Each event connects to the first time it happened.

When Jesus heals the “first,” the echoes of that event are also healed.

For those who’ve been abused over and over again, this is fantastic news. What this means is that we deal with root events only.

For me this was a dozen or so “firsts.” Once Jesus led me to Barbara, who was able to minister to me using Theophostics, life began to change dramatically. I began to change dramatically.

One by one, Jesus used her to take me back to those first events. He “showed up” in them, spoke truth to that broken place in me, and it was healed. Not only that event, but every other one that was connected to it due to similarity.

The sound of shackles falling to the ground at the end of each session was almost audible!

It’s been more than a year since I last needed to go to counseling.

Even better, the coping mechanisms I had have also fallen by the wayside. They’re not needed. No alcohol, no drugs, none of the other addictive behaviors.

Best of all, I’ve finally begun to mature!

Oh, and it gets better yet. Even when life around me is chaotic, I have peace like I’ve never known in all my life!


For counselors (and lay people as well) who want to receive some training in a variation of Theophostics, and don’t have the money to invest, Russ Dizdar has an excellent training course. It is over 25 hours of MP3s (and the accompanying notes) that you can download at no cost.

Yep, FREE!

Russ and his crew work in the trenches and on the front lines rescuing those who are enmeshed in the occult. His main focus is SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse victims), which often involves multiple personalities (aka DID). They have a very good success rate, and his teaching on this subject is fantastic. The material he provides is also effective with trauma/abuse victims as well. You can find his free course here: Freedom Encounters.

In this training course, Russ shares what he and his associates have gleaned from their work with hundreds (if not thousands) of victims. The material is organized and presented in terms that anyone can understand. Each hour-long session covers a specific aspect of counseling, giving information needed to minister effectively to broken people.

Like Theophostics, Freedom Encounters relies heavily on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

If you counsel the wounded, this would be an excellent tool to add to your toolbox!

Jesus came to set us free, and whom the Son sets free is free indeed…

…I’m living proof of His healing power!




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5 08 2013

Thank you so much for this info! I’ve been feeling God’s calling (I’ve heard that “calling” is really translated as “summoned” or “drafted” & that’s kinda what I’m feeling) in this area somehow…not sure exactly where He wants me to go/do but I’m just trying to take a first step right now…. I’m going to take a seminar called Mending the Soul at my denomination’s women’s ministry international meeting in a couple of weeks

5 08 2013

That’s fantastic. There’s such a tremendous need. The free study by Russ Dizdar is an excellent opportunity. I worked my way through all 25 or so hours. The information he provides (don’t forget to download the notes, too) is very similar to what my pastor’s wife uses to minister to me. When Jesus shows up, healing happens! It is a huge honor to get to be the person present when He does all the counseling!!!

May the Lord grant you this desire of your heart and give you a great harvest!


31 07 2013
Robin Claire

Thank you sooo much for this information. It sounds totally intriguing to me. I have also had many therapists and have made very little ‘growing up’ progress with them. Same old same old… I also sent this post link to my counseling pastor at my church. I’m praying that he looks into it. I would very much like to try it myself.

1 08 2013

Ask Jesus to provide someone for you. In the meantime, I would recommend that you take the time to go through Russ Dizdar’s training for Freedom Encounters.

Often, as we are receiving instruction (that we will be able to use with others in due time), the Spirit ministers to us while we learn. It’s not a “technical” study – he uses layman’s terms – and was very insightful. You might be surprised at what He can do in you…all by Himself!

Love you!

28 07 2013

Thanks for this post. I am very thankful for the healing work that God has done in my life, setting me free from depression, trauma from bullying, and some habitual sins as well. I am interested in seeing other people experience the kind of freedom and deliverance, but often feel ill equipped to lead them through the journey I have walked. I intend to use your list of resources to lead others into the healing presence of the one who can un-make any evil thing and turn it out for the good.

My fave sentence from your post: “They do not just learn techniques that allow them to experience “tolerable” relief; wholeness is restored!”

28 07 2013

Once we’ve seen what Jesus can do, we want others to find that same freedom, eh? I’m glad to know that you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get a little “dirty” as you lead others to freedom as well!

That’s my fave sentence, too. I work with the ladies at a recovery house here in town. Knowing that I can offer more than tolerable relief, I can give them hope of wholeness. We need Jesus. It’s that simple!


27 07 2013
Toni Sprandel

You are such an inspiration and the LORD is using you mightily! I reblogged this on my site. I pray that anyone who needs to hear this message will see it and find the help they need. Love you dear one!

27 07 2013

There is such a need in this area. Thanks, Toni.

Vacation Bible School is over and I have a copy of my music CD for you. I’ll get it in the mail this week.

Have a blessed Sunday, Sweet Sister!


27 07 2013
Toni Sprandel

Reblogged this on thinkinaboutjesus and commented:
If you know anyone who has suffered abuse or emotional trauma, they need to read this blog. My very dear sister in the LORD has gone through some horrific experiences and yet she is living the victorious Christian life because Jesus has set her free. Feel free to reblog or pass along to anyone you know who could benefit from this blog. Love to you all!

27 07 2013
Heather Marsten

Great post. I do wonder what Jesus and the Woman at the Well talked about – it was probably a long conversation. Glad He still likes long conversations with us. God does heal completely. Thanks for the resources.

27 07 2013



27 07 2013

Thanks for sharing Tami. I will be checking these resources out. Years ago, I went through Neil Anderson’s Steps to Freedom in Christ, which was an excellent resource. I’m looking forward to checking the others out as well.


27 07 2013

You’re welcome. Jesus used these to bring complete healing – nothing “tolerable” – absolute freedom. I LOVE it!


27 07 2013

Thank you for sharing your list of resources. I too love this Blog on so many different levels! You have helped me tremendously, more than you could ever imagine! Thank you!

27 07 2013

To encourage and equip the body through this blog is my earnest prayer. I’m glad to be on target.


27 07 2013

On target indeed! Thank you!

27 07 2013



27 07 2013

I just love this on so many levels. Just as Jesus didn’t send people off for years of recovery groups, He didn’t send the lame man off for endless physical therapy either! I love your point about Jesus disclosing what we need to know and the rest is between Him and the individual. He is so personal and so thoughtful and so sensitive, yet so direct and focused. Thanks for the list of resources too!

27 07 2013

You’re welcome for the resources. It seemed rude to not share them!


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