Wondering if you see what I see

21 07 2013

From a single photo, Tanya shows how easy it is to take things for granted. Great article!



Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I forget how privileged I am. Like when I’m on vacation, living it up like rich folks, being all spoiled and whatnot in the lap of luxury. You know, like all the luxuriousness you see here in this photo:

lap of luxury no filter

This is where I stayed recently, vacationing with my sister in beautiful Southern California, somewhere near the beaches of Huntington and Newport, not too far from where I grew up. This was the view from my resorthotel motel. Isn’t it lovely? I was standing at the door, only a few steps from this scene. Do you see the ocean and palm trees off in the distance? Can’t you almost hear the sound of the ocean waves crashing along the shore? No? Well, me neither. But I’ll tell you what I did see in this picturesque view. I made sure to capture the image so you could see it too.

Let’s see. Where do I begin? I saw…


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