This will change your day completely, I guarantee you!

21 07 2013

The amazing grace of our God! This short (less than 3 minute) video is full of great food for your soul today.


Small Student, Big God

Very short video. What is there to lose?

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21 07 2013

I have nominated you for an award, you are awesome! Please visit this ink :

21 07 2013

It follows my last post to a tee. I need to get a new post up here tonight some time. I listen to Matt Chandler about once a week. It’s gifts like these that make my heart smile on the worst of days.

21 07 2013

His message sets everything right in my heart again. I was so thankful to hear what he had to say.


21 07 2013
Kari Anne Dorstad

Great meal for the day. I am just one of those believers who needs to hear these truths highlighted over and over again.

21 07 2013

I want to have this message on auto-repeat for many days!


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