The Reality of Jesus

14 07 2013

Experience Jesus – He is more than a doctrine to believe in!



In the recent past I admit that I have become obsessed with declaring the real Jesus. I do not speak of any debate about the historical reality of Jesus of Nazareth.

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14 07 2013

Oh my….absolutely adorable…little girls are the best! They are sooooooooo cute…:-)

14 07 2013

The part where it says ‘ I wanted a man who would be faithful even during the hard times….’ It made me break into tears.The hard times have rolled in and the man I gave my all, the one I thought was the one….has left. Taking with him my pride, my heart and my happiness. I want to find comfort in Jesus so much, so very much but it feels like the most painful wait ever. I loved your latest post too. That is exactly how I feel about Jesus. Organised religion is rubbish. But what Jesus has left behind for us is so beautiful. Why do we choose to remain blind to it all?
Back to men and wives. Torn between rising from the ashes of my ruin and fighting for despite it all, I still think is my true love. So lost. Lost and hurting endlessly. How do I stop it?

14 07 2013

Reblogged this on hisimagenme and commented:
Amen…the God of all Creation is real…alive…active! True, the straightest line, the surest Light! He comes to guide us by HIS sight! The world around can not dispel…for He alone can understand hell…fall into His strong fold…and find the Son…Yeshua…who from the beginning we have been promised! The promised kept…in spite of all opposition! Elohim alone has proven worthy.
Yeshua (Jesus) spoke…”if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father”…
The Father spoke…”My people stumble for lack of knowing ME!”

14 07 2013

You fed this sheep! Yeshua (Jesus) be with you! Blessings…

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