On the Verge

6 07 2013

Are you “all in” – or “On the Verge?” This is an excellent article by Marty. It could mean the difference between getting by and life to the full. Enjoy!

Praise Jesus!

Walking in Faith

On the Verge

I thought this quote was very apropos. Especially “God sovereignty is first painful”.

I think that so many people are “On the Verge”. They are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, they are feeling the pull.

I have seen the struggle, especially with people I love, that do want it, want to let go, but the fear of letting go and giving a unseen God full control of their lives seems incomprehensible. In the World it is considered irresponsible, irrational, even lazy. These people ARE going to church, half believers. Yes, Church going folks, loving families, working, following (for the most part) Moral law, Seeming to have all the right stuff, yet God knows their heart. He can’t be fooled. Just like in the days that Christ walked the earth, the Pharisees seemed to be law abiding, God loving citizens didn’t they? Following every law to the TEE that God…

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One response

6 07 2013

Couldn’t have read it at a better time! Love all your posts! You make me proud to be a Christian!:-) xx

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